Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hewitt 5K & Farmers Market Saturday

There's nothing more that I hate then waking up early on the weekends. Some how I continue to do it for one reason of another. This Saturday it was for a Race, so I wasn't to heart broken. Not to mention it was for a great cause. However I'm not a morning person by any means. Once I get up I'm good but its just getting my butt out of bed at first. 
This morning I "made" my oatmeal put it in the microwave to cook and went to the other room to finish getting ready. It seemed to smell funny but I didn't pay much attention to it, just figured it was cooking. The timer went off, I left if for a few minutes to cool down before getting it out of the microwave as I always do. Boy was I in for a treat when I opened the door. I noticed a black spot in the corner of the ball and the smell that followed was awful. OMG, it's way to freaking early I forgot to put the water in the oatmeal. YIKES, good thing nothing caught on fire because from the smell of it you would have though it did. I quickly tossed it in the sink and made anther bowl before I had to head out the door. 
This was the 1st Annual Hewitt 5k, as soon as Kelly told me about this race and the story behind it I HAD to sign up. She went to high school with the parents of the two beautiful children pictured below.  Haley- 3 and Parker- 5
4 years ago today (race day) they were both killed in a tragic car accident. They were way to young to leave this earth and no one will ever understand why it happened. They left behind their dad, mom (who was driving the car, NOT her fault at all) and now two younger siblings that came after them. The story of what happened broke my heart as Kelly was telling my I just chills along my body. 
The out pouring of support they had that came out for the race was amazing. The proceeds from the race went to the Hewitt Pavilion Fund at Chapin Baptist in memory of Parker and Haley. Strictly running is the big running sponsor and running store here in the South, they said this was the largest turn out they had ever seen for a first time race. Everything was done up so beautifully and the two sweet faces of these kiddos shined through every were. There were tons of people holding signs all through out the event with encouraging words and quotes. 
Not sure why but I was nervous as the first half mile of the race was on the soccer field. It kinda annoyed me that we had to run through the field but whatever. I've done much worse so its ok, I'll survive. My back was so sore from Thursday's work out but I pushed through and didn't think it would bother me that bad. Boy was I wrong I was in tears be time I crossed the finish line. But still proud of the job I did and for finishing strong. Full Marathon training has officially started and I'm stoked and nervous at the same time. 
Later that afternoon I met up with my friend Jenna and her little guy for lunch at one of my local favorites. Its a Deli called The Other Store its in the back of a old gas station. The gas pump part is closed but the store its self is still open and they have a lot of older candies, treats drinks and goodies. Its really a cute little joint all the way around. Side Note: if your in a hurry you'd better call ahead because they run on Aloha Time for sure. We waited about 25 minutes for our SANDWICHES to come out. Sandwiches people but when I tell you I'd do it again any day that's because its SOOOO worth it. I've had this thing for pasta salad here lately so I though I'd give their's a try. It was so yummy, I could have made a meal out of that alone. We saw that they have Chicken Bog on Fridays so we are def. going to plan a lunch date to go back and try it out soon. 
After lunch we headed out to the state farmer's market in Gatson. The hubbs and I have been several times last year but we haven't been this year yet. Jenna hadn't been at all so it was a fun adventure for the both of us. I had a long list of things I needed and only $20 in my pocket to spend. Talk about a budget people. We spent almost 2 hours at the market, its so big and there's so much to see. I was able to get everything on my list plus a little extra and still managed to stay under my $20 budget. I can't wait to go back again and restock up on our fruits and veggies. 
Today was a great day, I had such a good time at the race earlier this morning and this afternoon out with Jenna. I can't wait to do it all over again soon. I've been so blessed to make some great friends here in the South it will def. be hard when we have to leave. I finished the evening with a little dinner date out with the hubbs at Bone Fish Grill. He'd been wanting to try it out for a while and I agreed to go. Not being a sea food eater this was a big deal for me, good thing they had steak. It was fabulous!!! He has tomorrow off (Sunday) and we have no plans, so I'm looking forward to enjoying a lazy day at home.

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