Monday, November 14, 2011

Trash to Treasure

DAY 32

ok maybe not trash but Pinecones.

Every were we seem to venture out and around at we are always passing pinecones on the ground. Mainly when we take the pups for a walk & when we went to the S park on Sunday. They are all over the area near our home. I like going on our walks and looking at the different sizes & colors of pinecones. Today I decided to pick up a few or should I say a bag full and take home with us. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with all of them yet maybe make ornaments, bird feeders for the backyard, popery or simply put them in a large glass jar as decoration. We will see I've done some googling now just to put my ideas in place.
If you have any ideas or suggestion on things to do with pinecones please fill free to leave your ideas!!!

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lilmoomoo said...

I've done some cool stuff with pine-cones before.
My three fave things I've ever done with them is, just leave them as they are and put them in a glass bowl, or apothecary jar, to GLITTER them (super awesome. Kinda messy), or to spray paint them!
I did like a coppery glitter on them once, and another time I got really crazy and spray painted them a pretty yellow.. it was kind of a funky modern look!

Have fun!