Sunday, November 13, 2011

"The Gun List"

DAY 30

New toys are aways fun!!!

Gabe has always been in to guns, he loves going out shooting in his free time. Its different when it's not work related and he can really get in to character. While in Hawaii he wanted to purchase one so badly but the process to go through with it was completely horrid so we held off. Once he got back to Arizona over our PCS block leave he was finally able to purchase the HK hand gun that he had been wanting. That only led to a whole list of other guns that he wanted to purchase, that's all I heard about for weeks at a time. How excited he was and how he couldn't wait to get to SC because then we could go to the gun shows.
Our 2nd weekend here there was a show about 2 hours away I knew he wanted to go and we had no plans so we decided to head out. It was a first for me, I've been to several arts & craft shows so I figured it had to be similar to that. And in a way it was and in many ways it was not. There was some good people watching at these things that's for sure. We spent a couple hours there walking around, looking at everything and talking to the different vendors. We ended up not buying anything, which I felt bad about because Gabe found the gun he really wants there and with out me having a job (I didn't at the time) we just didn't think it was the right decision.
This weekend there was another show in town and it was only 20-25 minutes away so not bad at all. We got up and decided to go early so because we had plans for later that afternoon. When we arrived at the location there was already a long line of people waiting to get into the facility, it was only 8:40 & it didn't start till 9:00am. Gosh we though this is going to be a big one, and Gabe was pretty stoked to see the out come of people. Which is surprising seeings he doesn't like crowds. Once we got in we realized that it was smaller than the one before and along with a lot less space between the tables which I quickly got annoyed at because people kept just walking into you & were so rude about it. Thankfully we only stayed for about a little over a hour and then we were heading home. But not empty handed this time, the hubbs found a gun on the list (his "GUN LIST") that he wanted a kel-Tec RFB and after as much sweet talking as he could do I finally said yes. No not really, he kept telling me everything about it and how cool it was and so on and how much he wanted it so I told him to go for it. I mean really how can I say no to that sweet little Innocent face of his. It was a early Christmas gift so it worked out in the long run :)

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