Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30 Days of Thanks

During the month of November we always seem to make a bigger deal about what we areThankful for vs. every other month of the year. The other eleven months should be no different, I am guilty for this as well. However it is good thing that we take the time to express what we are thankful for.
Other the last 30 days I have posted one thing each day on my FB that I am Thankful for and I'd like to share that with you.

Day 1~ So thankful for my understanding patient husband, crossing my fingers I get hired on at the CDC soon but for now this will have to do.

Day 2~ Thankful for long walks around post with my lil family after a long day at work.

Day 3~ Thankful that I have a job, may not be what I want but I can't complain bc its better than nothing at all.

Day 4~ I'm thankful for a clean bill of health after my Dr. Appointment this morning other than my horrible eye sight :( she says I gotta get that checked out.

Day 5~I'm thankful that my husband will spend the afternoon at a Arts & Craft show with me :)

Day 6~I'm Thankful for a beautiful day out w/ warm weather to have our pictures made by the fabulous Jawnie Holsker Photography, thanks again girl, We can't wait to see them!!!!

Day 7~I'm so Thankful that the hubbs accident today wasn't any worse then it couldabeen, only 4 stitches to patch everything up. We'll see the real damage on Saturday. (thank goodness we had pictures done yesterday)

Day 8~I'm Thankful for My Amazing Husband, no other words are needed to describe him. He's my everything, even w/ a busted chin. lol Love you boo always & forever &thensome!!!

Day 9~MY FAVORITE DAY!!!!!!! Today & everyday I'm thankful for the last for the last four fabulous years being Married to my best friend!!!!!! HAPPY 4 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY LOVE!!!!! You are my heart & soul, Always & Forever & Thensome!!!!

Day 10~I'm thankful for Barb. & being such a awesome friend even though we've only just recently met. I know we'll be life long friends. Thanks for doing lunch girl I enjoyed it

Day 11~I am thankful for the Veterans past, present & the ones to come, allowing us to have the Freedom that we do. HAPPY VETERANS day to My Hubbs, and everyone else we know & even the ones we don't!!!!!

Day 12~ I'm Thankful to be given the chance to learn new things & experience new places.

Day 13~I'm Thankful for days like today ~ exploring a new city, Christmas movies on the couch w/ my love.

Day 14~I'm Thankful that my hubbs is gonna be home for Thanksgiving this if only we could figure out what we are going to do.

Day 15~I'm Thankful for new possibilities & new beginnings :) I had the best time working in the Kindergarten class this morning, makes me think it might be something I'd really wanna do. ummm, its never to late right....we will see.

Day 16~ I'm Thankful for a paycheck :) got my first one today. & The wonderful group of ladies I met tonight at our 1st FRG meeting tonight. The whole 5 or 6 of them.

Day 17~I'm Thankful for a new full time job opportunity but at the same time its killing me.

Day 18~ I'm thankful for my girls, oh dear a 3:30am FRING wake up call from the spouse & mistress while they were waiting in Hawaii to watch the new Twilight movie.

Day 19~Im thankful for my wonderful family :) they are the reason I am who I am so thanks to my Momma Rose, daddy, bubby Justin, Mamawa, Papa Nene Carol & of course my awesome Uncle Richard, Aunt Vonda & Aunt Holly, My lil girl Shae. I love you all and miss you so so much!!!!

Day 20~ I'm Thankful for a wonderful unplanned date day with my hubbs & that we finally got our Christmas cards ordered.

Day 21~I'm Thankful that I was able to complete my CDA test today, now the waiting game 6-9 weeks to get the results back. Here's to hoping I passed.

Day 22~I'm thankful for my lovely part time job at EDS but I hope & pray that today was my last day.

Day 23~I'm Thankful that my Thanksgiving Baking is officially over & our neighbors seemed to love their goodies :)

Day 24~I'm so Thankful to have The Love of my Life home with me to celebrate the Holidays, I couldn't be more blessed!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving Love & to everyone else!!!!!!!

Day 25~ I'm SOOOO Thankful for long phone dates with my Spouse aka best friend Sarah, she's like the sister I've never had. :)

Day 26~I'm Thankful for long weekends with my love!!!

Day 27~ I'm Thankful for our puppies :) they keep me on my toes so we don't need kiddos to do it lol.

Day 28~I'm Thankful for a very productive evening, I definitely feel better about things to come.

Day 29~I'm Thankful that 5 years ago ToDaY I met the man of my dreams & we've been together ever since. I love you babe & Happy 5 Yr anniversary.

Day 30~I'm Thankful for the ARMY, if it wasn't for the Army I may not have met myhubbs or all the fabulous friends I now have due to us being apart of such an amazing Military Family.

What are you Thankful for this Holiday Season?!?!?!?!

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lilmoomoo said...

Awwww :) all of these made me smile!!! So sweet :)
It seems like you and your hubs have such a kind & loving relationship!