Monday, April 2, 2012

Checking out Town

Continuing my journey in Galesburg, IL for spring break Crystal and I loaded up the older two girls and went downtown to do a bit of sight seeing. Add in a little bit of window shopping as well and it was a perfect afternoon. Not to cold and not to hot out either. Crystal had told me about this big blue chair that was some were down town that she had always wanted to find but never had. From there we were determined to find it and see what all hype was about. 
The girls LOVED it, climbing all over it they had a blast acting like goof balls. They did give us a slight scare every so often because at one point they were swing upside down from the arms. No one was hurt or injured though so that's all good. 

These two squirts are so stinking cute, I've grown to love them over the past couple days. They both have crazy spunky personalities and are totally full of energy. 

This is just my size don't you think, is was crazy big. 

I'm having a blast here in IL, I can't remember the last time I was this excited about Spring Break. Being here with Crystal & her fam. brings back so many memories from Hawaii and reminds me of all the wonderful times we had. We did so much together always having a good laugh. 

Momma and her two big girls!!!!

The girls found this such cute light fixture at one of the local gift shops and they just though it was the coolest thing ever. While they were ewhing and awhing over it I stumbled upon this cute sign. I'm not at all a chocolate lover but this caught my eye. 
It was a nice relaxing day walking around town checking out the local area. I have to say there is much more Southern hospitality here then there is in the south and its quite nice. 

~DAY 172~

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❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Seriously, how cute are you chickadees?!?! I have to say the barbie chandelier is a wee bit creepy....haha :)