Friday, April 27, 2012

Camping Day 1

The hubby was off today and I only worked a half day meaning I was off at 1pm!!!! Woohoo!!!!
When I got home he had the car loaded up and ready to go. We grabbed some lunch at non other than Chick fil a, seriously its like our go to place. (I could never have to much) We were on the road with the pups in tow headed to Dreher Island State Park for a weekend of camping!!! I've never NEVER been camping before, beach yes, river yes, I grew up going to the river every weekend. We have a river HOUSE (no tent) with running water and air conditioner. My brother and I probably learned how to swim before we were walking. We both water ski, its something I truly LOVE doing so going out on the lake is totally up my alley. However CAMPING, sleeping in a TENT, going to the bathroom in the WOODS, cooking dinner over a camp FIRE is not up my alley. 

As terrified as I was about this little adventure I was looking forward to it. Going on 6 years of being together and we are still experiencing 1st's, life is swell with the man I love on my arm. 

Arriving right at 3pm we unloaded the car and set up camp. 
A little back story this weekend is a Org. Day ~ company organization day set up for Alpha company and their families. (we are with Delta Co. but we've been adopted by A Co, seeings D Co doesn't do anything. ) The XO & his wife S are seriously fabulous, they are the cutest couple ever. They set this whole weekend up, managed to book a camp site RIGHT on the water with boat access, away from everyone else. (bc I mean lets face it when you get 20+ Army guys & gals together there's gonna be alcohol involved.) It was a great spot, perfect for all of us.
After getting settled in we joined in on a Cornhorn competition that was going on. Sadly my hubby sucks at it and we ended up loosing. The BN CO won the prize which included two $25 visa gift cards. 

Later that evening we went out of the boat with the pups. It was a bit chilly because the sun had gone down and the clouds were moving in. Never the less it felt great to be on the water again. I miss going to the river every weekend when I lived back home. It was something I always looked forward to come the end of school on Fridays. Although I'm not a fan of pontoon boats at all it was nice and relaxing. 

I was quite surprised the pups did great on the boat. I have to say I was a bit nervous at first that they would go completely nuts and freak out but they proved me wrong. To be honest I wasn't crazy about taking the pups camping in the first place. I figured it would be just a hassle and more trouble than enjoyable. Once again I was proven wrong, they had a blast and did really well. I'm so glad we took them. 

Lake Murray is such a beautiful place, I had no clue it was so big. I think the hubbs and I will definitely be going out a time or two again for a camping adventure. I LOVE his smile in the picture below, if only I looked half way decent then it would be perfect.

After some fabulous homemade chili by yours truly we sat around the fire chatting away. Kaira and S decided it would be a fabulous idea to fill the watermelon with peach vodka and later indulge. I kindly passed as I have seriously sworn off any type of alcohol for the time being after last weekend.
The pups did great in the tent, a little confused at first but over all they seemed to find a comfy spot and didn't wake up till 7am the next morning. Sleeping through the rain and all, gosh must be nice to sleep so well were ever they can pass out. 
It was a great first night, no catastrophes or problems to be reported which is a good thing in my book!!!

~DAY 197~


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Ive never been camping before!

Janna Bogert said...

Awww...I love experiencing firsts with Will <3 It looks like a fantastical time thus far!!