Monday, April 23, 2012

Play Ball!!!!!!

So as if the guys don't work enough on the trail they are required to play a sport. YES your reading that right, REQUIRED!!!!!! I think its total BS but nothing I can do about it but put a smile on my face and support my love in what he does. So with that being said its Softball or Volleyball and frankly as much as I know he would rather not do either he was selected for SB. He said he would rather do VB because the games are shorter, I just can't see him playing though. Call me crazy but he's much more hard core than that. Tonight was the 2nd game of the "season". Last week they had to forfeit because they didn't have enough players. 
I rushed home from work to fix us dinner before we headed up to the field two hours later. 
It has been FREEZING the last two days here in the South and I've heard its only going to get worse tomorrow. Whatever I can handle it as long as its warm by the weekend for our camping trip. I bundled up as much as I could with out looking crazy, I HATE the cold weather Yall!!! 
Unit sports are something new for us, this post / unit is just bringing out so much in us. In a good way of course, I'm liking that we are getting involved here. We are stepping out of our shell if you will. You depend on your fellow Milispouses when your spouse is deployed, it helps you get through the tough times and good times. I believe the same thing goes for a Drill Spouse you need those relationships with other Drill Spouses to help get you through the countless weeks on the trail.  
I enjoyed hanging out with Kaira tonight as we watched our boys get creamed by the other team. It's ok though because its only game two, plenty more to come. There will be many more Soft Ball dates in our future. Along with a bit more coordination, K & I are trying to talk them into getting custom shirts made so they look more uniformed. 
Just another thing to add to our weekly night "to do's". I've been told there could possibly 2 games a week plus practice, oh the least we can go together.
~DAY 193~

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Kate @ Daffodils said...

That is crazy that it is required! But I hope yall meet some good folks!