Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Art Auction

Our Spring Art Auction has finally come and gone thankfully. It was kinda different then I was thinking it would be but I didn't really know what to expect either. I guess it turned out all right, all the parents loved their children's art canvas's so thats good. 
It started at 5:30pm so it didn't make sense to go home and come back since I get off work at 5pm. 
Dinner was served, catered by a local joint here called Zoe's. It really pretty good I've gone there a few times with my new friend K for lunch. 
There was four sections set up of silent auction items, most of the stuff had to do with children or the local sporting teams here so I wasn't to interested. There was two paintings that I fell in love with and decided to place a bid on. I later found out that the very popular artist is a local man that goes by the Chicken Man. (he mainly paint chickens.) He makes the paintings right out of his truck and sells them on the side of the road. After hearing people talk about him tonight I put the to and to together, it clicked I knew who he was and were he parked to sell his paintings. Driving down through Five Points (a very popular area) I've seen him and always wanted to stop but was a little skeptical. However next time I'll for sure stop and check out his work.
I hadn't planed on staying long because I needed to get home and let the pups out since I didn't go home on my lunch. Well that didn't happen, after I ate and walked around a bit next thing I knew the silent auctions were ending. I wanted to find out if I won my painting and figured I'd suck it up and wait out the extra 5-10 minutes. And GUESS..... WHAT I WON!!!!!!!!! I was super excited because I won my item!!!!! I waited around a bit more to try and pay for it so I could take it home but the line to check out was just crazy long and wasn't moving. I'm super excited about it though and can't wait to hang it up in our home. Since our spring break starts tomorrow I probably wont get it till we get back but I'll for sure post a picture so you all can see it!!!! I'm sure your dying to any how right lol. 

But for now I'll leave you with a couple pictures of the Class Room Pots that were also in the silent auction. Some of them went for over $50.00 I was really surprised but hey I guess when a parent wants something they keep bidding. I placed a bid on one of the pots as well but got out bided on it and wasn't going to pay more than $25-30 for it. 
The one I wanted is the last one in the first picture below. 
Around the rim it says "Give Thanks to The Lord, For I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made".

~DAY 168~

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Mrs. Robinson said...

I'm so glad that it ended up being an enjoyable night. =) Also, congrats on your win!!