Tuesday, March 20, 2012

oh the joys

The joys of working with little kids means that sometimes you will pick up their crummy germs. We had a little boy in our class yesterday come down with pink eye and long story short the mom though it was just allergies. Which it very well could have been but for this lil one it wasn't. We washed, bleached and sanitized everything down like crazy in hopes to disinfect the classroom so no one else would get it. A friend of mine got it when she lived in Hawaii and it was awful, I remember how much pain she was in, not a pretty sight. 
WELL GUESS WHAT!!!!!!! Today at work when we were out for a walk one of my co-workers brought to my attention that my left eye was blood shot red and semi swollen. I had been rubbing it all morning because it was inching but never thought twice about it. LIGHT BULB went off right then and there, hello Tiffany!!!! NO, I replied as I ran in to the bathroom to check it out. YUP, sure enough my eye was so red. I freaked I can't get pick eye not now not ever. I have a big week ahead of me plus I don't want to have to use my vacation days from work to stay home. (I'd rather save them for when I have something planned.) 

After showing a couple different staff members my eye they all agreed it looked like the start of pink eye. I was freaked, I stopped rubbing it and sucked up the itchiness. The redness started to go away which was a sign of relief but I was still worried. By noon this is what my left (infected) eye looked like. Much better than 2 hours before. 

Here is a picture of my right eye that wasn't infected at all. Thankfully, as you can see from the good eye its really not super bad, Not yet any ways. I was able to make a appointment and get in to see the doctor today. I couldn't chance it to see what would happen, not to mention I didn't want to be miserable for the next however many days it takes to run through your system. 

I'm not one to go to the doctor unless there is something really really wrong with me. The hubbs is the same way, I've been this way all my life. I hate going to the doctor, not really sure anyone loves it though. After a long hour which included waiting in the pharmacy for medicines I was diagnosed with pink eye. The doctor I saw said that I caught it early enough were it wasn't to bad and it should clear up in a matter of days. As long as I put the cream on my eye 3 times a day. I was so worried that I was going to have drops, I simply CAN'T do drops no questions there. Its horrible I remember as a kid my mom having to hold me down just to put them in my eye to help with my horrible allergies. I just knew I was going to have to have the hubbs do the same thing. What a relief though I can be a big girl and do this all on my own. :) 

I loved hated having to spend my lunch hour + some at the hospital today but in the long run I know it was worth it. If I would have waited just a single day it could have been much worse.

Comment from the hubbs~ DON'T GIVE ME PINK EYE, stay away and don't touch me with your infectiousness. Love you to babe!!! I know he means well!!!

~DAY 159~

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❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Ah man...pink eye is no bueno! I hope the cream works quickly and you start to feel better soon. Thinking of you, chickadee!