Saturday, March 24, 2012

Enjoying His 4 Day

The morning started off pretty much like our typical Saturday when the hubbs has off. A couple hours at the shooting range together. I'm still not 100% comfortable with shooting but I really enjoy going and watching the hubbs. 
It was his first time shooting the scar since he got it last weekend and he was like a kid in a candy store. Super super excited, up at 6:30am and ready to go, however the range didn't open till 8am. 

Every time he would turn around and look at me in between rounds he had the biggest smile on his face. As if he doesn't get enough of this during work when they are in the field. I know its different when he can shoot his own weapon and what not, I still just think its so cute. I'm really glad that we were able to go out today. There had been talk of major thunderstorms and when that happens they shut down the ranges. That would have been awful seeings this is his last weekend off till mid April. 

His little set up, he got the view finder for Christmas. 

I always think its funny when the guys out at the range lay down and shoot. Its like really you have to get "that" into it just to shoot, but to each there own right. The hubbs offered to show me how to use the Scar, so taking him up on that he tells me to lay down on the ground. Really are you kidding me I don't want to lay on the dirty ground. After getting the "look" from him & a "oh its ok" I gave in. I will admit it was much easier to shoot this way, being able to rest the barrel of the gun on the sand bags and not having to worry about the weight. Shhhh don't tell the hubbs I said that. 
I did some practicing with the pistols we have. I'm still learning because they make me super nervous so I only end up shooting off a couple rounds of each before I'm done.
We normally only stay out there about a hour or so but today we were there for a good 2 & 1/2 hours. Its definitely a nice stress reliever that's for sure. 

After our time at the range we headed up to Charlotte, NC for the evening. We had dinner reservations at Buca Di Peppo wish is a family style Italian resturaunte that we grew to love in Hawaii. When I found out about there being one in Charlotte we decided it would be a great way to celebrate the hubbs graduating. A few weeks prior he through the idea out there for us to stay the night. Why the heck not!! We had a fabulous time doing a bit of shopping at Ikea and the local mall before hand. It was so nice to get away and relax for a bit and not have to worry about everything else going on back home such as work, life, or even the pups. Speaking of the pups we had someone come look after them while we were gone. There was a bad thunderstorm back home while we were away and the hubbs was quite sad that we weren't home to comfort them and make sure they were ok. Myself on the other hand was enjoying the bed just the hubbs & I. The pups think they need to sleep right smack in the middle. 

Showing off my 2nd new dress that I got before dinner. I got this one as a option to wear for graduation but decided to go with the other one. I love this dress, its a wrap around and ties on the side. Its really different then anything I've worn before and the hubbs said the colors made it look hippie~ish. Oh how I love that man. :) 

We ended our evening by picking up dessert from the Cheesecake factory (another one that we don't have were we live) and taking it back to our hotel to enjoy along side a glass of wine. It was the perfect date day and night. We've decided that we are going to do this more often through out our time here. Visiting a different city each time, during cycle breaks, it will insure that we take full advantage of our time together when he is off. 

~DAY 163~


Brittany said...

Looks so fun! Zach definitely loves his guns too...such a southern thing! And a cheesecake Factory...yummmmm. It's all SO good. I love that dress on you!!!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Holy look so calm shooting the gun!! Way to go chickadee! I bet he was so proud of you :)

And damn girl, you look fabulous in that dress. What's your secret? Too bad I didn't live closer so we could work out together :( I also have to disagree on the hippie part, I really like the dress :) You wear it very well!!

E said...

I like that dress!
Date nights are fun.
I also enjoy that you posted a photo of Moscato. Yum.
Way to shoot that gun, girl! We'll be getting back in to that once we leave the island where it's impossible to own a gun and not even worth the trouble.

ROXY said...

I definitely know what you mean about that big smile the guys get when there at the shooting range. My husband has a huge smile too just talking about his new gun. Lol. The picture of the bottle of Moscato is making me excited that my pregnancy is ending. haha... I can't wait to have some moscato once I give birth.

Mrs. Robinson said...

Love the dress!

And...I love y'alls travel plan! Let me know if y'all hit up Myrtle Beach! =) We live about an hour away from MB, or less depending. =))