Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring is in the air, I "think"

Its been such a beautiful day here in the South. I was out running some errands on my lunch today and ended up taking off my cardigan because I was getting hot. I snapped a picture to send to the hubbs as a little surprise when he got off work. :) Lets just say he loved it and I got lots of loven for it when he got home. (kisses ya'll come on, tryin to keep it PG here)

I am seriously craving warmer weather and brighter days!!! I miss the sun, I miss the heat and I miss being able to wear dresses. Everyone says that once summer gets here and the horrid hot temperatures arrive that I'll hate it but I'd much rather be able to take layers off vs pile more on. 
My favorite part about warmer weather, spring and summer is being outside!!!! 
Yall see that sun roof open above me, yuppers I love love having a sunroof. I have to say I think its my favorite part about my challey. I've also been randomly shopping for new spring / summer attire for work and for out around town. Unlike in Hawaii I can dress up and wear whatever I'd like to school / work which I love!!!! Seriously any reason to go shopping for new clothes right!!! 
I hope the warmer weather is here to stay and cold has gone North for the summer!!!! (or where ever it goes lol)

~DAY 146~


Brittany said...

Totally agree with you...I am looooving this warm weather! You look so pretty!

Mrs. Robinson said...

I've got some bad news, pookie. We've got a cold front coming through. It's supposed to get down into the 40's or so tonight. BUT...the good thing about cold weather is that you'll get to turn up the heat....& I don't mean on the thermostat ;) teehee