Friday, March 30, 2012

Donuts & Sweet Tea :)

Its almost here......Spring Break that is, which only means one thing for this girl VACATION!!!!!!! Yup that's right I'm packing up and heading out for 10 days!!! Just me and myself the hubbs has to work so he will be staying behind. Before I leave though I've been working hard to get the house picked up, every last bit of laundry done and put away. As well as premaking some dinners for the hubbs to have when he comes home from work. The ladies I work with were giving me a hard time because I was doing this and saying I'm spoiling him. Ok so be it I don't care the man needs to eat right and he's going to be working long crazy retarded hours so what's he gonna do. Last night after I got home from the art auction I stayed up late making enchiladas and single servings of chicken pot pies for him to have through out the week. I also made a batch of M&M cookies for him to munch on. I absolutely love doing stuff like this for my hubbs and I know he truly appreciates it. Call it spoiling I don't mind, I'll do it each and every day for him.
He did ask me to leave him a note taped to the counter top to remind him to feed the dogs. See he is bad about walking in the pantry and not noticing their bowl is empty. So since I can't leave a whole bag open of food for them I gladly taped a stick note the counter area with a little added love. 
On my lunch break today I decided to run across town to Dunkin Donuts and stock him up on his favorite K-cups for the Keurig. He's just been getting the regular package of Dunkin Donuts ground coffee at the commissary for the past few weeks because the D&D by our house is going under renovation. (they don't sell the k-cups at the commissary.) While I was there I noticed a advertisement on the counter for "Sweet Tea $0.99 for ANY SIZE". If you haven't noticed by now I have a slight obsession with sweet tea lol. I had no idea that they sold it either, I don't drink coffee so whenever we go I would just get a hot chocolate but in the summer time that's not going to be very refreshing. I sure was quick to add on a large sweet tea to my order and as tempting as it was to order a super yummy glazed chocolate donut with sprinkles I kindly passed. They are my all time favorite but I try to limit myself to only special occasions when the hubbs and I are out. 
My plan is to leave the coffee K-cups out on the counter when I leave tomorrow morning with a card I got him, so when he comes home that evening he will find them. I know he will be surprised, its the little things like this that I missed doing when he was deployed. 

~DAY 169~


Mrs. Robinson said...

You're such a good wife... I need to take some pointers from you.

ROXY said...

I love chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles. Yum! Have a great spring break vacation. =)