Thursday, March 15, 2012

& It Continues

People what in the world would we do without Target??? What did we do before Target, frankly I'm to young to remember lol. I work less than five minutes from Tarja so I frequent there often on my lunch. Today was one of those days. Of course my lunch always ends up being from Starbucks on those days. Can't go wrong there right, Blacken Sweet Tea & a slice of Banana Nut Bread. I needed a few things for the hubbs, some doggie chews, a few things for dinner tonight and a couple other random things. Going into Target when your on a time crunch is never smart, I always wanna spend more time then I have looking around.

 This evening when I got home I made a delicious dinner, (thanks spouse for the recipe) to take over to my neighbor / new friend A. There's 4 houses in between us and we met via fb, seriously what would we do with out fb. It's crazy yall!!!! I take the pups on a walk every afternoon when I get home from work and A has started joining us. It's nice to have someone to have a conversation with vs. just the dogs lol. Her hubby was also in the field the same time as mine (different reasons) so we planned a girls night. I miss my girls night so much, I loved dinner nights with the spouse and mistress. We decided since she has a almost 5 month old little girl that a dinner IN vs. OUT would be better. I offered to make the main dish and she fixed a few sides to go along with. We had dinner at her house tonight and after spent the evening chatting away. 

 It's so different here, making new friends, starting over, learning who people are and their life story really in a nut shell. Sometimes I ask myself if I really want to go through it all over again or is it better just to stay in my bubble. But I know I need friends, I DO!!!!! Its healthy for me, the hubbs as well as for our relationship. Lets face it I'm going to be spending a good amount of our two years here alone (or more so w/ out the hubbs.) so I need my girl time and some one to turn to when I need a friend. It's been hard, a lot harder then I had though it would be. I keep reminding myself that when I moved to Hawaii I already knew a good amount of people there so I had a great group of friends. When we moved out here to the South I didn't know a single soul. I'm getting there though I am, as with any change or transition it always takes time and patience, something I'm not good with. I'm glad to have met A and that we live so close, she is super sweet and easy to talk to. I'm just kinda sad that they only have about a year left here and then they will be PCSING. 

 Story of a Army Wife right!!!

~DAY 154~


Janna Renee said...

Stay strong girl and so glad you found a friend! I have made lots of "friends" here in Colorado, but no one that lives near me or I can spend tons of time with...I'm like you and I LIKE my little bubble. I'm happy when I'm sociable, but will always choose blogging and playing with the pup over going out! Wish we lived near each other!!

Kristina said...

That's one thing I'm not looking forward to. Finding good friends is hard. I'm glad you are finding some friends close. I'm sure it helps with your husband gone.

ROXY said...

That's good that your slowly making more friends there. I have a handful of friends here so I'm glad for to have the few friends in my life. =)

Brittany said...

I hear you sister...making friends can be hard but it is important! Since we moved and I haven't been working, it's been difficult to make girlfriends but I'm gonna start making a bigger effort to. I admire you for being a strong Army wife!!

lilmoomoo said...

Girl- good for you!
It is hard to get out there and make friends!
I kind of stayed in my bubble when we first moved here too, but I've made some good friends now, and I'm soooo glad I have. It's worth it. :)

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I wish making friends was easier, as if the PCS process wasn't challenging enough. I'm having a bit of difficulty in that department, but seeing how you have transition is giving me hope that maybe some good people will come my way here.

P.S. I miss Target like crazy!!!