Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Living on Post

Just a typical day living on post. I do like the conveniences of living on post, and everything we have here at our finger tips. I will stop any day to watch hundreds of Soldiers walk across the road. Ok so I know here I kinda didn't have a choice but you get what I'm saying. Living on a TRADOC post there are always groups of new soldiers walking in formation all over post. Heck none of them have cars so they have to, not to mention loading them all on buses to go to the PX or other training areas would just be to nice. I mean they are going through basic after all right?!?!?! Speaking of the PX there are always loads and loads of Soldiers in uniform, I mean there were a lot in HI but here its like a million times more. Pour basic training guys have nothing else to wear lol. Its so neat to watch them all in formation chanting cadence as they march around. I think its something about being apart of the Military family that will never get old. Seeing a Soldier in uniform always makes me smile and proud of what our country stands for. I may not be one of them but by golly I will make sure to tell them how proud I am of them and what a wonderful job they are doing. Hands down I think its one of the hardest jobs a person could have. Its not for everyone and I will be the first to say I really don't think I could do it. I challenge you to give a little Thanks...a "Thank You" for say, the next time you come in contact with a service member. I can tell you it will brighten their day for sure. I love hearing stories from my hubbs when he comes home about people that talk to him about serving. The stories from the old folks aka retired services members are my favorite.

~DAY 145~

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E said...

I agree, seeing a soldier in uniform makes me smile, too. I still thank those in uniform when I'm not on post (since that'd be everyone I see!) but I know it still makes my hubs a little uncomfortable when people thank him. He doesn't know what to say, but he does appreciate it.