Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drill SGT Graduation Day

Everything we've been through in the last nine weeks has led us to today. There has been way to many CQ shifts to counts, hours of staying up late to study. Countless amounts of tests taken, pitches made and more sleep lost than I'd like to endure. However its finally paid off because graduation day is here.

 There was 121 soldiers that started Drill School the same day as the hubbs, within in days those numbers started to drop dramatically, leaving a total of 81 soldiers to walk the stage receiving their campaign hat. When I arrived at the ceremony location I was warmly welcomed by my soon to be Drill SG dressed in his ASUs (dress blues), my my my did he look pretty fine. Ok yes I am biased because he is my hubbs. Our visit was short lived as they quickly had to get in formation to get ready for the ceremony to start. Once they opened those doors for everyone to go in it was like a mad rush of people trying to find a seat. (think of it as a black Friday shopping experience). As everyone veered to the left I made my way down the right aisle as far to the front as I could go. Finding a seat right on the end just a couple rows back from the front. Shortly after the theater started to fill up I realized that the soldiers (DS to be) would be seated in the rows RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Talk about some great photo opts, although I'm still learning my camera this did give me a little advantage. The ceremony was fairly short for everything that's was said and done. This was a extra special day for me because this was going to be the first ceremony I've ever been able to attend out of his so far career in the Army. Previous awards, promotions & reenlistment ceremonies have all been either before I moved out to Hawaii or during his two deployments. So to say I was super excited to be here today would be a understatement. As the band began to play the soldiers made their way in and to their seats. It was so still and quiet once they stopped playing you could have heard a pin drop. The National Anthem played, prayer and a few speeches later it was time for the Soldiers of Class 3-12 to receive their campaign hat.

The person announcing the names told us we were allow to go up to the front and take pictures if we wanted to but to be sure and stay clear of the aisle. I wasn't sure if I was going to at first, see I didn't want to cause any attention to myself but then I saw everyone else was so I figured the heck with it why not. Sadly do to the lighting the pictures didn't turn out the greatest, but I'm fine with that because I got to be there in person and that is a picture I will remember forever. 
I had chills running through my body as they called his name and he placed the hat on his head. I was so proud of him, all the hard work and long days had finally paid off. He was done, graduated and finished. We could finally get on with the next two years of his career and our time here at Ft. J. Although he still isn't 100% sold on being a Drill SGT I'm hoping that after he has a few cycles under his belt he will start to enjoy it a bit. Fingers crossed right.
Talk about one proud wifey here!!!!!

The Campaign hats

Marching in to the Ceremony

Let me tell you a funny story right here~ during the dress rehearsal when the words "Let us Pray" were said & everyone bowed their heads my dearest husband was the only one still looking straight ahead. He was then told by a Drill SGT "I don't care if you are praying or not, your going to bow your head." Oh dear heavens leave it to my husband to cause a scene. Apparently everyone else though it was pretty funny though.

Walking back to his seat after receiving his Campaign hat aka Brown Round.

Graduating class 3-12 

Such a proud Wifey of my Drill SGT!!!!!

Two of the Soldiers he went through school with that he became friends with SGT J & SSG P. 
both of then stayed with us the night of graduation before they flew out the next morning. Super sweet people, SGT J. is getting stationed here but had to return to her current duty station to out process. 

I absolutely LOVE this picture of us!!!!!!

Look out people he's got our future in his hands lol :) 
Its going to be a interesting next two years on the trail. 

~DAY 161~


lilmoomoo said...

SOOO EXCITED for you and your hubby!!
Congrats to you BOTH! you have been so supportive, and he has been working so hard!!
You all look fantabulous together too!! :) :)

YAY! congrats congrats congrats!!! :)

ROXY said...

Congrats! =) Love the pictures...

Janna Renee said...

Congrats to the hubs! How come he chose to go to DS school if he's not keen on it? I was told that it's a rough life with him having to be with his soldiers at all hours of the night and such, but I would think that it would be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding job. He is creating the future of the Army <3 Tell him that I believe he's got the right stuff for the job ;)

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Congrats to the both of you!! It looks like you got one of the best seats in the house :) I hope the next two years go by quickly for you. Some days may suck, but the two of you are strong enough for this, and I know you will conquer the next years like nobody's business!! I'm always here if you need to chat or vent, chickadee :)

Mrs. Robinson said...

Congratulations to you both! To him for all of his hard word, and for you to being such a loving & supporting wife! =) Love your dress...and I can see on your face how PROUD you are of him. (and he of you!)