Friday, March 9, 2012

Making the Most

Its been a awful week around here in the South. It started off first thing Monday morning and just spiralled down from there. One thing after another kept coming up, going wrong, not working out. On top of my week falling apart in shambles in front of me I came down with a horrible cold & cough. There's been some kind of sickness bug going around work, thankfully I haven't / didn't catch it. Instead I was graced with a stuffy running nose, sore throat and watery eyes. Its been draining to say the least and I just wanted it to be over with. This morning was a NEW day and I was going to try to make the most of it, after all I just had 9 hours to make it till the weekend. 
I'm not a big breakfast person but this morning I was in much need of a pick me up :) I left a bit early to make a pit stop by the Shoppette for my all time favorite Powder Donuts & Apple Juice (I was trying to make it some what nutritious) however they didn't have the brand that I like. I wasn't going to let it get me down though, nope not today. So Chocolate milk it was, I absolutely HATE milk but I'll have a glass of chocolate milk every great once in a while. 

If definitely helped put a little spunk in my day and thankfully things went by fairly well. I even had lunch with a friend at TGI Fridays which was nice to catch up. We had Thanksgiving together and we haven't had a chance to get together since then. Both her daughters who happen to be around my age just deployed so we chatted a bit about that. Its hard enough to have your spouse deploy, I can't imagine having to send your children off to war. She sure is a strong momma though and I'm glad we finally were able to meet up again. After lunch I headed back to finish out my last 3 hours of work before heading home to get the weekend started with my love. I am in much need of a relaxing one after the crazy week I've had. Hoping for beautiful warm weather so we can spend some time outside. The plan is to do a little backyard makeover to gear up for spring. I'm crossing my finger that my allergies don't knock me on my butt. Me & yard work don't really mix, I have a feeling my allergies are going to get the best of me while living here. I'm so not looking forward to it either, I haven't had to deal with them in the last 3 years and its been so nice. 

~DAY 148~


*Katie* said...

MMMM... that would make my day start out better!

Brittany said...

Two of my favorite things! Sorry you had a roug week sweet girl :( hopefully this one will be better!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great breakfast. :)

Janna Renee said...

Sometimes doughnuts are TOTALLY necessary ;)You are so right- I can't even imagine sending my children (if I had any) off to war. It's so great that you got to spend some time with her...I'm sure it helped her, since you are so close in age to them. Oh, and I hate yard work too! I was just thinking that I am not looking forward to having to mow now that he's gone. Bleh.

momto8 said...

some weeks just stinks..this one will be better!!
i put chocolate in my milk so I can drink it too!!
happy Monday.

J and A said...

I love those donuts! I hope you have a much better week!