Monday, March 12, 2012

what were your thoughts ????

Does the Bachelor & Bachelorette consume your Monday nights when its on ??? Because it does ours, yes the hubbs to. He wont admit it but its true, I always catch him watching it or asking me questions about something going on if he steps out of the room for a minute. Tonight while we watching the beginning of the season finale he asked me if I wanted to know who Ben picks. UMMMM HELLO NO, I don't want you to tell me. He said he googled it to find out who gets the last rose. Loser he can't just wait and find out like the rest of us. 
I've seriously been annoyed with Courtney from the first Episode. Just something about her really rubs me the wrong way, add in there all her cattiness through out the show and she really doesn't get my vote. I was a Kacie B. fan from the start and truth be told I was heart broken when he sent her home. Yes she was on the younger side and her parents were way over protective but she was such a southern doll. I though they hit it off well and had a great connection, much unlike him and Courtney. 
Ok now we are down to the final two Lindzi & Courtney and I'm hoping with every ounce of me that he picks L but I know he wont. Just something about the relationship between him & C, not to mention the fact that every other girl in the house has tried to break them apart. In the long run I think its only brought them closer together. 
After a wonderful visit with his mom and sister in Switzerland and two fabulous dates, Bachelor Ben says he has made up his mind.
Oh of course there you have it the final rose goes to Courtney. I saw it coming all along but really didn't want to believe it. 

In the first few minutes of "After the Finale Rose" we found out the obvious PROBLEMS, a BREAK UP, DRAMA in the PUBLIC EYE and much MORE. I want to dislike that they are together and "working it out" but at the same time TO EACH THEIR OWN. I would hate to see anyone go through the entire process of being on the Bachelor or Bachelorette and in the end walk away the same way they came on the show. Lonely and empty inside. I have to say they are a cute couple, she is a bit quirky, talking like a little girl and he is just all over the place but I guess they balance each other out.  

How many of you loved seeing Ashely & JP back on the show ??? I absolutely LOVE them as a couple, I don't think she could have picked any better. They are so cute together, totally feeding off one another. You can really see the love between then, I can't wait to see / hear about their future wedding plans to come. Oh Oh a possible baby to come :) That was totally awesome JP throwing that comment out there. 

Up next and I can't wait Bachelorette Emily Maynard. I really hope that things end better for her this time around vs. with Brad. She is such a Doll and deserves the best for her and lil Ricki. 
Season premier May 14, :) YAY!!!!!! 

~DAY 151~


Kate @ Daffodils said...

I always only watch the last episode of this series and even without the backstory, I found their relationship to be So painful and awkward!

Brittany said...

I don't watch the bachelor/bachelorette...I'm a real housewives kind of girl! :) they are all addicting though!

lilmoomoo said...

LOL. I told hubby it was gonna be Courtney. She "played the game" right. I liked some of the other girls better, but they were all worried about Courtney, and I think it hurt them in the long run.
I really liked nicki!
But I will say that I think ben is a weirdo and Courtney is perfect for him. Hahahhaa

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

This season was so weird! I hope Emily's season is better, although I really wonder if she'll end up with someone long term from the show considering how she was the last time around. Regardless, I can't wait for the new season :)