Sunday, March 25, 2012

Going Old School

After a wonderful day in Charlotte yesterday it was time to head home. However not before stopping for a little breakfast of course. The plane was to go to IHOP again there's not one near us. The hubbs picked it because it was the place we went for our first date. So sweet of him to remember, although I think he just wanted some yummy food. 
However we missed the exit and kept going, no biggie right we will come across another one soon enough. WRONG!!!!!!!! I google mapped our location and not a single IHOP near us or in the direction we were headed. He says not to worry we will find something, "oh dear, those are never good words". He through Waffle House out there and let me tell you its not on my top list of favorite places to eat at. In fact before this trip I had only eaten at WH one other time and that to was with the hubbs. 
Ok fine what the heck Waffle House it is, in the back of my head I'm thinking this will be great to tell the spouse about. She loves WH, why I don't know but hey it will be enjoyable to tell her about it. 

The menu was old, I mean the pictures on it were so simple and the way it was put together made little to no sense at all. The meals weren't grouped together like you'd think but everything was dirt cheap. I'm talking nothing over $12 bucks that I remember. 

I'm big on hash browns love love them so I knew that was a must. I also like omelets so I figured I'd give it a try. I have to say the meal wasn't that bad at all and I ended up finishing everything. ~ok spouse go ahead and say I told you so~ Now don't get me wrong its not going to be my first choice for breakfast when and if we go out again but I guess I wont be so quick to say no next time either. 

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that the place is SOOO OLD, the hubbs says that's the point. It just doesn't set well with me, appearance has a lot to do with things. 

What's your take on Waffle House, love it or hate it?????

~DAY 164~


❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I am terrified of Waffle House. The hubby has been trying to get me to go to one for the last 10 years and I refuse. He made the mistake of telling me how greasy everything is, and I'm fearful I would get a horrible tummy ache. Thankfully my dad took him to one the last time we visited so they could have a man date, while my madre and I went tanning...haha :) Someday I'm sure he will sucker me into going though.

Janna Renee said...

It's not my go-to, but I have enjoyed it when we've gone! I agree with your hubs, that they "vintage look" is fun. I don't want it to look dirty, but retro is ok. I liked that in spite of the old school attitude they had egg whites and things that I could eat. Its hard for me to eat what I'm supposed to eat when we go out, so when their are good options- I'm a happy girl!

Mrs. Robinson said...

Oh, I hate it! We used to have one in the town where we live...and it was disgusting. It's def good when you're drunk or hungover...but since that's rare for me anymore..I steer clear of WH. It's only good when I have no taste buds, judgement, or memory. haha