Sunday, March 18, 2012

Early Graduation Gift

As we are nearing the end of Drill School the hubbs got more and more excited about his Graduation gift. I'm sure by the picture you can figure out what it is. With the elections coming up he is really worried about gun prices & ammo going up. Who's to blame him though right, I mean with all the craziness we have going on already. 
I caved, I always do, I'm a sucker when it comes to him and I simply can't so NO. 
I want him to have everything he wants, ok ok with in reason of course. Living in Hawaii for so long the process to purchase a firearm was crazy retarded, so we never did. Once we returned to the Mainland he started making up for lost time. 
There has been one particulate gun he has wanted for the longest time and it just was never in the budget. 
(those things aren't cheap ya know) 
Well we made a deal, once we got our Hawaii state tax return in and he graduated from Drill School he could get the one on his top wish list. 

This weekend there was a gun show at the state fair ground and we decided to go. He was hoping to find good deal on one. (better than at the local shop here were he'd already found the gun)
When we were headed to the show I just happen to check our bank account on my phone for some random reason. Maybe because I hadn't in almost 5 days or so, we had both gotten paid and everything. Scrolling through the charges I saw a deposit for our......HAWAII STATE TAX RETURN. WOOP WOOP, happy dance people. Last year I filed in January and didn't get our return till July, Hawaii was broke and had no money. I was expecting the same thing this year but turns out I was wrong, thank goodness. With that being said we decided that since graduation was just a few days away, if he found a awesome deal today he could get it. 
Sadly he did not, he found the exact one he wanted but a different color. I told him if he is going to spend this amount of money on it he needs to get the one he really wants. Even if that means paying a little extra and getting it from the local store and having to wait a few more hours till they opened. 

So that we did, after running a few errands, searching for that new pair of perfect TOMS that I never found, we found ourselves at Shooter Choice. 
They had ONE left in stock, I don't think the guys working there could have gotten the weapon down fast enough for the hubbs. He was grinning from ear to ear with happiness. He was finally getting his dream gun....well dream gun of the moment. 
I have to say that this purchase was the fastest of all that we have made. Mainly because he had done so much research on it in the last however many months, that there wasn't a single unanswered question he needed to ask. 
I was reserved on spending the money, I'm a saver yall, a tightwad if you will. I do splurge every so often but I truly would rather see my love happy first. After all he has given up SO much for us and our marriage over the last 4 & 1/2 almost 5 years he deserves it. 

I think he might have been drooling over his new toy at this point!!!! 
This is the last major purchase in the gun department for a good long while. We have a few other things we are saving for that we want for our new home here in the South. Not to mention I have a big Vacay coming up in October and we have one together in December so save we must!!!!! 
I am really happy though that we were able to do this and he was finally able to get it. Its something we  have been talking about for the longest time now!!!!!

~DAY 157~


Mrs. Tomlin said...

I'm a sucker for getting my husband whatever he wants too! Yesterday it was a PSVita with a new game, case, screen protector, and extended warranty. I don't know how he does it, but I always give in.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot said...

haha Yay!!! My hubby also likes to pick out crazy expensive things but it makes him so happy so I cant ever say no.

Janna Renee said...

I'm pretty sure our hubbies would be best buddies...Boys and their toys ;) I tagged you on my blog today!

ROXY said...

Yay for a gun for the hubby! =) Guys and their guns... I don't understand it but I guess it truly is a guy thing. Lol. We are getting my husband's new gun soon. He is so excited too. They do really deserve to get what they want. They work so hard and it's hard to deny them of something they want especially if they don't ask for much to begin with.