Friday, March 20, 2009

Such a Chill Day!!!

What started off as a nice relaxing day with my Love & Me just continued through the night. We lounged around till around 1pm, then decided to fix some lunch and head out for a bit. We made our way down to The Old Historic Town of Haleiwa and did alittle looking around. I just love the historic look of the building and being able to take in the wonderful scenery, it Kind of reminds me of a little town back home called "Devine". I loved walking down the street the two of us hand in hand being able to shared this experience together.

We then headed home to get a start on dinner, YEAH!!! I love cooking w/ Gabe. We have come up with our own little weekly dinner menu, which makes deciding what we are going to have each night so much easier. I never new I would love to cook so much. We have cooked dinner @ home just about every night since he has been back and so on the menu for tonight was Caribbean Chicken Kabobs. As i prepair the food, Gabe started the grill & had himself a beer. I must say the Kabobs turned out wonderful, they were so juicy yet had a bit of spice to them. I can not wait to make them again. Today has been such a chill day, just my Love and Me. I love days like today and I'm so blessed to know that there are a life time more to come.

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Anonymous said...

So wonderful, Tiffany, so glad you are so happy. Nothing is so wonderful as being with your lover and friend, I pray that you will have the same kind of marriage your Papa and I had. Love, Nene