Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Together As One

Finally after 15 (what seemed like never ending months) this hell whole we called a Deployment was now over. Not having the one person i truly loved & depended on here each and every day to go through life with was horrible. But we made it...... back together in each others arms. February 23, 2009 My Heart became whole again. As I sat there waiting for what seemed like forever for Gabe to be released to me I had butterflies in my stomach. I felt like a kid in a candy  store just waiting to get in to everything. I had so many thoughts going in and out of my head. I just couldn't believe that it was officially over & I no longer had to sleep alone, worry that I would miss his call, or wonder when i would be able to see him again. One wall and just minutes were between the two of us being in each others arms again, it was a feeling we had both longed for since that night in December he had left back in '07. Finally as 298 Soldiers walked through the hanger were I awaited My Love, there he was front & center. The words I waited to hear "You are Dismissed" and at that moment the world faded away & we were forever lost in each others arms again.

Moving forward almost a month now and life couldn't be any better than it is now. We are finally able to truly live a married life Together As One. In our very first Home (which i might add couldn't be any more perfect) as well as we have added to our family. Our Newest addition: Dingo, a Australian Shepherd Mix w/ Terrior, lil. boy 6 weeks old. He completes our life and keeps us on our toes at all times. He is such a frisky little fellow, but fits just perfect.

Now just awaiting for block leave to start.....only two more days and we are free from the Army for 30 straight days. And boy do we have a list of place's we are going to go & things to do. Starting with a Dinner Cruise next Monday night & touring the USS Missouri the following Friday along with hiking up Diamond Head, taking a adventure ride on a couple ATV's & even visiting the world's largest maze @ the Pineapple Plantation. There is a trip to the HNL Zoo & Aquarium planned as well. But something that we are both extremely stoked about is our trip to the Big Island, we are planning on taking a Volcano tour over there & spending the day. We will be tourist in our own city right here in Hawaii were we live. I can not wait!!!


dianah said...

OK you need to start with a mascara alert. Debra G. is already balling this morning, its her birthday and evrey card she reads she cries some more. I told her she better wait to read your new blog. So go off and have a great day and don't worry about us. lol

Anonymous said...

Tiffany, so glad you created this blog, so good to hear and see you all. Know you are so glad to be together again. Last month went out to DFW to greet the troops and some had families in this area to greet them, the others were going on, thought of you and Jared so kinda know what procedure they have, ( I might have already told you this, can't remember). Your Dad was here when I was opening your blog so he also got to read it. Sounds like you all are going to enjoy your sightseeing, keep the blog going, cute puppy, know you all enjoy him.