Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Month

Today was special for a few different reasons. First & for most because it was yet another wonderful day in the Aloha State w/ Gabe. One Month ago today he returned from Iraq & our life was normal again. No more worries no more sleepless nights. We were reunited as one & it was the best feeling ever.
Today also marks One Month that Gabe & I have spent together at one time. Over 2 1/2 years of being together bc of me living in Texas and him in Hawaii and with the 15 month deployment the time was just not ever long enough. Although now that he has been back, things just keep getting better and better. We have a love like no one could ever find and we are so happy with our life & the way we have gotten here today. What we have created together is truly Magical.
Tonight we Celebrated by going out on a dinner cruise together. We set sail on the Star of Honolulu about 5:30pm making our way to Diamond Head & back. From a wonderful 3 course dinner to the dancers and just the time together to take in the wonderful view and sunset of Oahu. It truly made the ending of today PERFECT! I'm so blessed to have a Love like we do and to have such an Amazing Husband.

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