Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

The morning started off slow and relaxing which was nice. Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast and then I made my famous Peanut Dizzied Brownies. We lounged around the house for most of the morning getting little things together for the Extravaganza of a lunch we were having at Crystal & Adams house this afternoon. We were bringing the brownies I had already made and next to start was the Ham. Once in the oven time to turn to the Twice Baked Potato's. I love them but have never made them myself, I am quite impressed with how they turn out making them from scratch. They had a hint of spice but not a one left on the tray. (that's always a good sign) The Ham of course was just perfect ummm, I could eat me some yummy Ham all day long. With loads and loads of other food from Devil Eggs, Green Bean Casserole, Potato Salad, Salad, dinner Rolls, and so much more. To many dessert to count......and WAY to many pounds to even think about. lol It was wonderful to be able to spend the day with friends even though it rained off mostly all day, which was a bit of a bummer. None the less I'm just happy that Gabe and I are celebrating another Holiday together :)

~~~My Love Bug & Me~~~

~~~Gabe & Adam enjoying some yummyness~~~

~~~The fest of a lunch we all came together & made~~~

~~~Confetti eggs, oh so so fun~~~

~~~We were all a mess after the confetti egg attack~~~

~~~The dessert line up~~~

~~~My famous brownies, ummm so so sweet but yummy~~~

~~~The aftermath of confetti eggs (thank goodness this wasn't my house)~~~


Nichole said...

WOW! Looks like you guys had an awesome Easter! Wish we lived closer - sure do miss you guys!

♥ Annie ♥ said...

Now that's some spread!! I absolutely love twice baked potatoes!!

Happy Belated Easter chickadee!!

Baby Wanted said...

YUMMO! I want some of those brownies! I made a delicious ham this year, I tried something new. Instead of just putting pineapples on top of my ham, I let it cook with the juice (previous years, I would drain the juice)...everyone loved my ham! :)

We played with confetti eggs too and I was thankful we were at my mom's house and not mine! :)

We didn't decorate eggs this year but yours look cute!