Friday, April 9, 2010

Stuffed Cannelloni

It was a first for us, a new dish. I was a bit worried when I was making it. All the different funky ingredients that went in it made me a bit nervous. Being a good sport like I am I just went along with it. Gabe picked it out and so I was going to try it. Although I did all the cooking which I love, it still looked a little off to me.
The out come however was better than ever. Definitely one we will be keeping on our top list to try again. The best part about it as well, it was super simple to make and required very little prep time.
We even sat at the dining room table together for the first time just the two of us in quite awhile. (we normally sit in the living room on the couch) I really liked that and think that I might start making it a weekly requirement, At least once a week or so. lol


Nichole said...

I have no idea what is in that...but it looks DELISH!!!

Baby Wanted said...

MMM...I agree with Nichole! I make G sit in the dining room with me rather than infront of the tv. He use to gripe and now if I go to the living room, he clears his throat really loud and makes me sit in the dining room with him, lol! I love is our time to talk! :)