Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our day out & abt

The morning started off with some "Yard Sale Mania" which totally sucked!!! I had heard that it's this really big ordeal and tons and tons of people got out and had yard sales. Well there was some families that did but nothing like I was thinking. We scored a new cookbook that a school here on post was selling. It has some petty interesting recipes in it, so I was excited about that. After that we had plans to go to Denny's with some friends for breakfast, that was OK. Did you know that on the weekends Denny's wont substitute foods????? How freaking stupid is that. UGH, I was so mad. They will take ingredients out but they can't switch two things whatever.

We came home and crashed for a few because we were a bit tired. My sweet friend Julie showed up around 1:45 and we headed to a Mary Kay party to help support our friend Jessica as she is starting her own business.
Upon returning home the love of my life was standing outside waiting for me with packages in his hand. I wondered now what could that be, OH YA my Birthday is next week so I'm sure they are for me. Sure enough one from the "In loves" and one from "My Mom". Gift cards in both to Old Navy and I already had one from my Mamaw to Target. So were else to go :) Target we wondered around forever finding lots and lots of fun new exciting things. Off to Old Navy next but not before stopping and grabbing one of our favorite snacks "Malasadas" ummmm. They are so good and we can't help ourselves fall in love with them. I didn't managed to find anything at Old Navy, I'm really picky when it comes to clothes so I'm just gonna hold on to the gift cards and go back in a week or so.

I did however find my "Birthday Dress" for our party we are having next weekend at the PX. We stopped in there for dinner at Subway and decided to take a peak inside and SCORE. I'm beyond excited about it because it totally different than what I normally wear.

We finished the evening with a date night on the couch watching The Informant, I fell asleep of course but that's OK. It was a wonderful day even with a few let downs earlier in the morning. I'm looking forward to the rest of the weekend and what we have planned ahead.

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