Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today I wanted to quit, I wanted to throw in the towel and walk away and NEVER look back. Today work was HORRIBLE beyond horrible. It started off by someone not answering my calls or text and getting to work finding out this person called out again. Really are you kidding, ok one what did I do for you not to talk to me????? UMMMM, Nothing at all.
So the morning goes on and 9AM rolls around and I have like 7 kiddo's by myself, NO snack which we were suppose to get at 8:30 and 3 more kids coming in any time now. OMG, what was I gonna do....what else to do than feed them what I had. Teddy Grams, and just my luck when snack finally arrived to my class what were they having......Teddy Grams. Really AGAIN, for like the 3rd time this week already. Oh well at least they were eating at this point. Finally I got some help in the class, It was a new girl who just started Monday. OH JOY THIS SHOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
We made it through the morning for the most part, went outside to play had a good time. Once back inside one of my lil boys decided to get sick ALL over the classroom floor. It took me 5 minutes to get management to my class to get it cleaned and what I though was to contact his parents. (little did I know when they came in they had NO clue he was sick and had been throwing up, needless to say they were not happy.) After finally cleaning up the tornado that went through my classroom during lunch it was time for me to go to lunch. So I told the "new girl" and the other girl that was in our class to take the kids outside to play and when I got back from lunch I'd lay them down for a nap so they didn't have to worry with it.
So half way through my lunch tell me why the "new girl" comes walking in the break room and starts eating her lunch. I was like who is in the class with the kids???? She said "oh that other girl, you know the one that was in there with us." OMG, the schedule was I went at 12:15 to 12:45 and she would go from 12:45 to 1:45. Since I left for lunch 10 minutes later than i should have bc we were so busy with screaming kids coming in and out she should have WAITED until I got back at 12:55. Really I mean its common sense you can't just walk out on the class and leave ONE teacher in there with the kids when she is fairly new her self. UGH, so DURING my lunch I had to go in and show the girl that was in my class were the kiddos slept and who's nap mat was who's. I was so annoyed, and told my Ass. Dr. she will NEVER be back in my class.
I had 3 more SCREAMING children come in right at nap time which woke up the children that were already asleep and 2 that were suppose to be there at 12pm but didn't show till 2pm. Gosh gotta love hourly care, but really whats the point 2 hrs really. I wish sometime with hourly care if you weren't there with in one hour of your schedule time you lost your reservation. At that point I was done and said screw it, just let them cry, let them wake up the other kids because you know what there is nothing that I can do about it because it's just me and this "NEW GIRL" who's not doing jack squat. I couldn't wait for the PM snack to come so the kiddos could eat and we could go outside. I was planning on taking them outside for the rest of the afternoon, closing up our classroom and getting things ready to go home so that way when the last kid left I could be out the door. That's just what I did to. I was so ready to be out the door before 4PM, I wanted to leave and never look back. I wanted to call in for the next two days but I can't. Since we are packing up and moving our classroom back to Peterson I have to be there to finish.

I hate days like today at work, I just wanna walk away and give up. Days like today make me never wanna have kids. Ugh, it sucked SO much. Thankfully I had a wonderful crock pot of Kalua Pork waiting for me and the hubby at the house. We made a trip to the doggie park on Wheeler and then home for dinner. Life with him is great I just wish things would slow down alittle bit more.


Baby Wanted said...

Your day sounds crazy! I use to work at a place called kid zone and I would experience the same things with people calling out and it sucks. It sucks that you have so much responsibility fall on your shoulders but it shows you what a great job you can do and what you can handle.

Having your own kids is nothing like that, you'll never have that many little kids at one time! :)

Nichole said...

Honey I am SO sorry your day was so crappy! I hope today is better for you! I never can remember the time difference between us, so give me a call tonight and we can talk about the leis etc. BTW...I was wanting to make Kalua pork for the party!!!

♥ Annie ♥ said...

Awww man chickadee...I'm sorry to hear your day was so rough. Just think, it's almost the weekend and then you can just relax with your love :)