Monday, April 12, 2010

Pretty 'n Pink

We've been going back and forth on getting me a new laptop for a couple weeks now. I am not good with computers at all so when the littlest thing goes wrong I totally freak out. With a up coming deployment this is NO BUENO. Gabe is a total Mac head, in no bad way at all. He just prefers to have a Mac. Because he uses his computer so much for work he has a Dell, since the programs he uses aren't compatible with a Mac. He has mentioned time and time again how he wishes that last November when we bought my last lap top he would have got me a iMac but we went with a Toshiba. Last week at work he was talking to a buddy when some how lap tops and computers came up. Gabe said something about selling mine on Ebay and getting me a new one, a iMac of course. Well this weekend we just so happened to be at the PX when this buddy of Gabe's called and asked if he was still thinking of selling my laptop. We talked about it for a bit and decided to go for it.

NEW iMAC FOR ME!!!!!! Seeings we were already at the PX we went right back to the electronic section and picked out a new computer. Gabe even picked out a very stylish if I do say so myself case for it to keep it pretty, safe and clean. It's PINK and I just LOVE IT.

No more computer problems for me, I'm a Mac girl and I'm never going back LOL.

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

Congrats chickadee!! Cute case too :)