Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching some Rays

North Shore it was for the day!!! I love love beach days and love North Shore. Just the atmosphere and the view. Driving through Haleiwa stopping at the different shops and people watching (the crazy tourist that is lol). Today was a PERFECT day for some fun in the sun. I started up dinner in the crock pot. Potato soup it was, we had it a while back and were quite pleased so we though we'd give it another go :)



Quickly slipping into our suits we were out the door for some relaxing on the beach. We made our way down to North Shore stopping at Police Beach to set up "camp". We spent the afternoon relaxing and chit chatting in the sun. I love laying out with my love bug enjoying the wonderful life we live here in Hawaii.

Our friends Crystal & Adam along with their little girl and another couple that we know came along as well. While us girls were laying out working on our tan, the guys were tossing the football back and forth. When all of a sudden the ball went a pretty good ways in the water, so Adam walked out and got it. (seems normal right??? just wait) When out of NO were we hear him scream like a little girl "AAAAAHHHHH Its A TURTLE". We all quickly jumped up and ran over to were he was and walked out in the ocean. The turtle was just hanging out eating from the bottom of the reef. It was huge, I have seen Sea Turtles here before but not that close. I was pretty stoked and excited that we were able to get so close. The fins on it were bigger than my face and the tail was so long and thick, it was pretty cool to be able to be RIGHT there next to it.

We enjoyed a bit more relaxing under the breath taking sky before deciding to grab a bite to eat for lunch. I managed to get a hint of redness on my skin even though I lathered up in sun block. Oh well at least it adds to my tan I'm working on.

I can't wait till next weekend to spend another day at the beach :) ummmm, I might call it a early day on Friday and hit up North Shore with the hubbs. :)

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♥ Annie ♥ said...

The North Shore was amazing this weekend!! I'm glad you guys got to see a sea turtle :)