Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Birthday Party !!!!

After a couple weeks of simple planning, a few friends brain storming everything had come together. We were set with the house cleaner than the day we moved in. The smell of candles in the air and the radio set on low.
This year seeing's Gabe & I's birthdays are just 10 days apart we decided to celebrate together. We wanted to do something special, next year we don't know for sure if we will get to celebrate together so why not go out with a bang this year. Now we still went to dinner the evening of my birthday and will go the evening of his as well but we wanted to do something different. I suggested having a get together at the house with our friends, a cook out for say. Instead of cooking out I made a few different types of Enchiladas, queso dip w/ chips, a cheese cake ball dessert, salad (from a bag lol), we had our friend Annie make our birthday cake. Sweet Rebecca even brought Homemade cookies & the guys brought beer. It was great to see all our friends that we have met from different ways get together and hit it off so well. Not that I didn't think they would, it just made for a wonderful evening. While most us girls chit chatted inside with the kiddos, the guys were outside having a beer and playing corn hole.
Dinner was self served and shortly later the cake was cut and presents were open. We couldn't have asked for a better evening, getting to spend this time with the ones we care about most. This is truly a birthday that I will remember forever :).

Here's a sneak peek of the wonderful event its self.

~Us & our Strawberry Homemade cake by Annie~

~Enchiladas anyone: Beef, Cheese or Chicken~

~Presents :)~

~The LOVE of my life~

~Were in this world would I be with out you~

~Blowing out the candles~

~Cutting the cake~

~Us w/ the Estrella girls~

~Picture frame from the Woodside's~

~Wine from the Estrella's (Kyla was helping me open gifts)~

~The card Kyla colored~

~The ending of a wonderful Birthday Celebration~


♥ Annie ♥ said...

Thanks for letting us join in on your celebration again!! The party was fabtastic :)

Baby Wanted said...

Happy birthday you two! The cake is awesome...she really did a great job!