Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alley Cats

As I was driving home from dinner tonight Shae texted me and said “I’m board can we do something??” Right about that time my mom texted saying my papa was in town and wanted to see me. So thinking smart I went & picked up Shae & drug her butt right along with me. We stayed & visited for about a hour and then headed out. I told the squirt we would go do something fun afterwards.

I drove up to the Putt-Putt place near the mall and noticed when we drove in there was a bowling alley there called Alley Cats. I can’t remember if it was there before when I lived here or not but I gave her the choice Putt Putt or Bowling. She picked bowling and of course neither of us had socks because I was wearing flip flops & she was wearing slippers. Thankfully they had socks you could use when you rented shoes, the crazy thing was the price to play though. I’m use to the bowling alley on post and its like $2.50 for shoes and a couple extra bucks per game. Not here, Mon-Fri 6pm - Closed was $22.99 a hour (for one lane)....yup you pay by the hour not the game & then your shoes are on top of that which was a extra $4.49 per person. The good thing with the timed part is it doesn’t start till the first person starts bowling so that was nice.

We ended up getting to play about 3 different games which was loads of fun. The place was pretty much empty there was maybe 2 other families bowling the whole time we were there. Which made things nice I didn’t have to constantly have my eye on Shae worried I would loose her in the crowd. Above the lanes were 4 large screens on the wall the two on either end played music video’s that played over the loud speakers, the middle left one had news on and the middle right had the Texas Ranger Baseball game on. About 10 minutes before our hour was up S released she could request songs to play over the screens. I’m a little thankful she didn’t figure this out till the end because I am pretty sure we would be listening to Justin Bieber the whole night. She was dancing all around the place making a complete goon of herself but the best part was she didn’t care at all if other people were watching her. Gosh I wish I had her personality life would be just grand then. We munched on a pretzel while she sipped a soda and bowled the night away.

I think next Monday night we might go again, they have a package that includes Unlimited Bowling, Unlimited Laser Tag & a $10.00 Game Card from 8pm to closed which is 12am for only $19.99 a person. If not we for sure we are gonna go when Gabe gets into town :) I’m sure we would all have a blast with it.

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