Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do You Remember.......

The weekend was filled with “Do you & so....... or Do you remember when we .......”. After almost ten years my memory from Middle School - High School is pretty much gone. I tried to put those times behind me and move on. Most days were good during that time but there were some tuff ones as well. Sure I remember some things but more than likely if you ask me if I remember who someone is I’m gonna need a picture.
Friday night after finally making our way into Oklahoma City we went to BWW for dinner & then back to Misty’s house to catch up. This is when things got good we busted out the old year books, all the way back to our 5th grade year up to our sophomore year of high school. Thats when all the memories came back, all the friends I had made and everything I had done during those years. We spend the next few hours flipping through the YB’s looking at our old pictures & reading what we had wrote to each other. Boy were we something else back then. I still look very similar in the face but now I just look (and act) a lot more grown up then I was. (well I mean of course I am more grown up) My hair is very different also, in a lot of my pictures my hair was shorter and had a red tint to it, were as now its longer and darker. In between making fun of ourselves & laughing at how “cool” we though we were, we flipped from page to page pointing out all our old friends and wondering how they were doing now. Alana has a lot of people we went to school with on her FB page. Many of them we were able to find on FB and yes do a little investigating lol. Some were married w/ kids, some were divorced, many still living in the area, as well as joined the military. I was surprised at how many people both guys & gals I knew & went to school with that had join the service.

The next few hours were spent reminiscing over our high school years. At the end of my sophomore year I decided to homeschool my last two years of school. Misty moved cities then states so we never heard from her again. Alana was the only one of the three of us that stayed in Mansfield finishing all four years at MHS. Our Freshman year the three of us were on the HS Drill Team together, we were called the Silver Stars. Misty was the one that always had a boyfriend & I went out with this guy named Zach though the whole year. I don’t quite remember if Alana had a boyfriend or not but I know she didn’t do lunches with us. M & I always met outside & had lunch with the same group of people there was 6 of us all together. That’s how I met Z, long story short our freshman year ended and the two of us just kinda went our different ways. There was never a “we aren’t going out anymore or break up.”
Though out school the three of us wrote letters back and forth all the time. We were your typical school girls fighting and making up all the time. We though we were the coolest chicks in school (ok not really) but we had a few upper class~man friends so we “though” we were cool.
Jump ahead 9 years.....I’m married living in Hawaii, Alana is married to........Zach, yup the guy I went out with in HS living in Texas and Misty is married with 3 kids living in Oklahoma. Thanks to FB A found me about a year & half ago and then we found M, we quickly reconnected via FB and many phone conversations. We made plans for the first weekend I was in town for A & I to drive up and see M and spend the weekend with her.
The drive up was great, I enjoyed getting to chat with A and catch up with her and hear how things had been going with her and the hubbs.

Saturday morning Misty had a photo shoot scheduled for her kids to have their pictures taken. Which I found out she was going to ask the photographer to take a few pics. of the three of us. eekkks, I so wasn’t prepared for this one. The morning went well a little disorganized but it was successful. We had lunch at a local burger place that I have to say was pretty good. I wasn’t so impressed with the service they needed a little Aloha in their set if you know what I mean. More on our day to come !!!

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