Saturday, September 17, 2011

Human Hamster Ball

A friend had told me about this little shindig down in Waikiki a few weeks ago & we just so happen to be down there this evening for dinner so we had to check it out.
After watching her daughters video and watching the other brave people getting in to the ball we knew it was a must. I'm always up for a adventure and so is the spouse. We tried convincing the hubbs to do it as well but he wasn't giving in.
I quickly climbed into the giant rubber ball and they zipped me up & filled it with air. What was I I was standing there. I'm gonna be a wee bit claustrophobic in here. Oh well no backing out now as I was being rolled over to the ramp to go into the pool of water. S joined me a bit later after she was loaded in the ball & wheeled to the pool. With 20-30 people standing around watching we made complete fools of ourselves trying to stand up and walk. Boy is it a lot harder than it looks, I kept falling over and smacking into the water. Thankfully I never got wet, the whole time though I kept thinking gosh what if it pops I'm gonna be soaked.
We were so hot and sweaty just with in the short 10 minutes we were inside the ball. I don't think we could have gone any longer than that. S & I both got up a few times and were running inside for a good few seconds. There was one time that we each got going really well there for a while & then smack right on our butts we went.
We tried talking to each other through the balls but you can't hear a thing to that just made us look even goofier. Seriously I couldn't stop laughing it was tons of fun and I'm glad we did it.
If your ever near some were that has this set up you should totally try, you will def. get a good work out from it. lol (plus every by standard needs a good laugh here and there)

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<br />(I have video's that I will post once I get them uploaded)
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