Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chapter TWO!!! :(

We have officially began the next chapter in our Army Life. Dingo & I have made it to Texas and have been here for a few days now. He did great on the flight & is just missing his daddy & sister Bailey right now. He has been stuck to my side like glue ever since we got here. He hasn’t been eating the greatest but he chows down on his treats & lil bones. I’ve been mixing wet food in with his dry food which seems to be helping a little but still he seems to be kinda mopey. I am hoping that when Bailey gets here in a few weeks that he will perk up and bounce back to his annoying little self. After talking to Gabe we are thinking he is just a little depressed & lost. The two of them have NEVER been apart for a single night since we have had them. The two of us have become quite the pair since we got here, we go just about every were together. My friends & family have been very welcoming to him which has been great. On the other hand when I leave the house to go some were and he isn’t going with me he wines like crazy and paces the floor it makes me so sad. I can’t figure out of it’s because he has gotten use to going in the car more often or if its because he doesn’t want me to leave.

The first day I got to Texas was a pretty lazy day, I hung out with my momma for a good bit, she was so nice to pick me up bright & early at the airport, then we went and got Chick-fil-a for breakfast. My little cousin Shae who I’d been dying to see ended up not going to school the day I came in bc she was sick (she had NO idea I was coming in so it wasn’t bc of that, but the minute she found out I was in TX she was feeling 100% better.) Needless to say we spent the rest of the day together. I’m staying with my Mamaw who didn’t know I was coming either so that was a nice surprise. My Uncle Richard came over to see me before he left for work which was great I’ve him missed so much. I have always been closest to him out of everyone in my extended family. I would hang out with him & his family a lot on the weekends.

I’m missing my Hawaii family so much, leaving Hawaii was so much harder then when I left Texas to move out there. I grew a lot in Hawaii, becoming even more independent than I already was. I made some of the most amazing friends that I simply didn’t have in Texas. Nothing will ever compare to the last three years, & no one could ever come close to the friendships I’ve made. Gabe & I were really able to build our marriage, & grow closer together as a couple. Don’t get me wrong I did missed my family in Texas but I am so happy that we were able to have the last three years just the two of us in Hawaii. I think we really needed that time away to just grow together, seeings the first year we were married he was deployed.

I’m headed to Oklahoma City over the weekend coming up with a high school friend. We are driving up to visit another girlfriend we went to school with. Myself & M were in school from 5th grade all the way through our Sophomore year and were the best of friends. A came in, in the middle of our Middle School year & the three of us became inseparable. Till the ending of our Sophomore year that is when we all went different ways to finish school. We are all three married now & M has 3 kids, A & myself were the smart ones who haven’t jumped that fence yet. lol Any way more on that trip once I get back. I’ll leave you with a few pictures I’ve snapped since I’ve been back in the Yee Haw state. Hope you enjoy & have a fabulous weekend, I’m gonna try not to bake in this 96 degree weather.

~I <3 me some Sonic~

~Enjoying the afternoon @ the puppy park~

~Meeting baby Aiden~

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