Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oklahoma State Fair

After the Memorial we made our way further downtown to the OK State fair. I haven’t been to a fair in two years last time was when I was in Texas visiting family back in ’09. I was super stoked about going, chowing down on loads of fried food & riding the rides. We got there and let me tell you it was packed, I guess since it was the last weekend it was open everyone was taking full advantage and going. We lucked out with parking and got a great spot, quickly getting our tickets and making our way through the gates.
Food stands EVERY were.......were do we start we asked each other. Lets go with the rides first then eat then more rides. We finally got down to the area were the rides were and stood in line for what seemed like forever just to get tickets. With the fair grounds being PACKED we decided if we wanted to ride more than one ride in less than a hour we were going to have to splurge and purchase the unlimited VIP pass (which allows you to skip the entire line and go right to the front). I was a little hesitant about it because it was $40, I know its not a lot but really to ride some carnival / fair like rides it was. However once we got our passes and made our way to the FRONT of the line I was sold. The lines were insanely long there is no way we would have been able to ride half the stuff we did if it wasn’t for getting the VIP pass.

We enjoyed the night going from ride to ride right to the front of the line on each one. It was a blast, I love fairs and I don’t really remember going a lot as a kid so I’m totally making up for lost time now.
We took a break from all the fun to grab some yummy fair food dinner and found a quite area to sit down and chat. Alana and I split a turkey leg one of my all time favorites and Misty had herself a corn dog.

Once we were down we made our way through a few more rides. I sat out on the spiny ones because they make me sicker than a dog. I was able to get on two that I did just fine on and loved. The more intense ones though I opted out of. We road the ferris wheel which gave you a great view of the entire fair grounds. When we were on the ski lift we got to see what looked to be a giant fight down below, it was a bit creepy at first because we looked down and people were running EVERY WERE. It was almost like someone had pulled a gun and people started panicking. I wont lie it totally freaked me out for a minute then we quickly realized that it was a fight. We saw the police break up 2 or 3 different ones that night.

Before we left we got two funnels cakes with extra sugar and plowed through both of them. I was so full that the site of food was not even appetizing, thats when all of a sudden Misty reminded us of the fabulous cupcakes we saw when we came in. They were called Kimmy’s Cupcakes made to look like every day food. We grab three different ones to take home for the next day. No way I could eat one after all the fair food we had.

I really enjoyed the fair it was a great night and I felt like a kid again running around getting excited about the rides. I can’t wait to get back to Texas & for Gabe to get there, we have a double date planned with my friend Kari & her man to go to the Texas State Fair.

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