Monday, September 19, 2011

Turtle Bay Staycation

Over the last two days Sarah, Nancy & Myself had a over night stay at Turtle Bay Resort off the famous North Shore. Our day started out with a fabulous hour long massage at Spa Luana which was simply amazing. In between each of our massage’s we took full advantage of the wonderful amenities provided by the spa its self. Such as the overly stocked bathroom with hair products, cucumber water, facial wash, mouth wash, shower products. Not to mention the sauna, that you couldn’t sit in for more than 5 - 10 minutes before we found ourselves gasping for air. We did what anyone would do and made the most of our time in the luxuries bathroom!!!!!!!!! Dressed in our super stylish teal green robes & our overly sized brown slippers, we had a great time.

After our massage we went up to check out our room were we would be staying for the next 48 hours :) A kings size bed for the three of us, with a Lani over looking the many different pools & the shore line as well as a great view of the mountains. It was great to have it all in the same, & the best part was you didn’t have to bend you neck over the edge to see either.

We quickly freshened up & headed down to the pool for some drinks. None of us had lunch before we came so we were pretty hungry & it was still a few hours away till dinner so we figure why not splurge on some french fries. Seriously that was the largest basket of fries I had see in a LONG time. We did how ever manage to polish off the whole thing as well as a drink & half for S & I. (I say half Sarah bc you ordered a 2nd & I had to finish it lol)

Still it about 3 hours before our dinner reservations & we were debating on going swimming before or waiting to see if we had time after. (the pool closed at 10pm) We decided to move our dinner time up from 7:45pm to 6:00pm so we could do a little night swim & roast marshmallows by the fire. The pool side bar sold smore’s kits with the works, pretty sweet if I do say so myself. Ever since the resent smore’s event on the beach a few weeks back I’ve been craving them.

Back up to the room to put on something a little more classy & down to dinner it was. Italian was the choice for the evening. Although I think the restaurant served more sea food then they did Italian food. It was still really good, now the dessert on the other hand not so much. I did try a couple different ones but they just weren’t for me. Not to worry though I knew I’d be getting some yumminess later that evening.

Once we were through with dinner we headed up to our room change into our suits & back down to the pool. That's were all the craziness started & the fun began. The water was a wee bit nippy & I was not a fan. To get over the shock of it we decided we would all three jump in at once. Well I’m sure you can imagine how well that went over. N went first & was pretty peeved when she realized that S & I were still standing there on the edge. OK OK, I was thinking if I don’t go now I’m not gonna go & it’s only gonna be colder. So I JUMPED!!!!!!!! While the two of us floated around we patently waited for S to get in.

After she finally gave in we spent the next hour taking underwater pictures of ourselves which was quite comical & a bit challenging at times if I do say so. I have not done a handstand underwater in ummmmm forever & having to hold my noes didn’t make it any easier. Some how we always managed to get one of us in the picture & only a part of the other person. It didn’t matter how many times we tried to get it right it just ever worked. We finally gave up & swam over to the steps were we used the self timer to take our picture. We did manage to get a few good ones here and there (when the camera didn’t fall off the step.) and a few goofy ones. (I’ll be sure to post a BLOOPERS post of photos from our pool night so stay tuned)

We moseyed our way through two different hot tubs in between roasting our marshmallows & making smore’s. PS: They definitely don’t taste the same on gas fire as they do on a wood burning fire.

That night once we were in bed we were super thirsty & decided to order drinks from ROOM SERVICE!!!!!!!!! Sarah was all about the room service & she couldn’t get enough of the menu.

“yes I’d like to place a order please” “I’ll have TWO chocolate milk & a Pepsi please”

KNOCK KNOCK ~ I have to get the door bc they are in t-shirts & undies. I bring the drinks in & the bell boy is still at the door, I’m running around trying to find someones wallet so I can tip the guy, only to go back to the door with cash in hand & sign the slip with a TIP blank on it. “Sweet easy enough, why didn’t I remember they did that”, so I tipped the dude a couple bucks. Got back into bed & told S & N we’d better enjoy these $22.00 Chocolate milks & soda. “WHAT...........$22” We quickly checked the prices on the menu & sure enough the milks were like $4.50 a piece & the CAN soda was about $5-6 bucks. In fine print at the bottom of the menu was written that a 15% tip would be added into all room orders, as well as $4.00 delivery charge. So needless to say that bell boy got a little extra tip.

The next morning we order ROOM SERVICE again for breakfast. French Toast for the Spouse, Pancakes & hash brown for the Mistress & a Omelet for me. A grand total of.........with out any extra tip other than the 15% included & the $4.00 delivery fee & only S ordered a drink, N & I got water........a GRAND TOTAL of $75.79 just for breakfast. It was so delicious though, each one of us cleaned our plates completely & were pleasantly full after.

Off for some more relaxation sea side back to the resort spa we went. We had reservations at 10:30am to get pedis, not just any pedi though. We were getting a Pineapple Pedicure outside on the Lani while we listened to the waves crash up against the shore. With our feet soaking in Coconut milk we chatted away wondering why we had been going to a normal salon for the last year to get our toes done. This was the life and we had been missing out lol. After a nice long foot / leg massage the ladies rubbed a sea salt mixture all over our legs & feet, then coated them in honey & lined pineapple chunks from our toes to almost our knees. Then placing a flower in between our toes they wrapped them in warm towels & we were left to do a bit more relaxing. When it came time to remove the towels the honey had absorbed into our skin making it softer than ever. A bit more pampering by the ladies & a fresh coat of polish to top off the morning. A hour & twenty minute pedicure ended up lasting over two hours which was totally fine by us.

Back to the pool we went to finish out our stay, we had to work on our Hawaiian tan of course & we couldn't do it empty handed either. We each ordered a
Pina Colada & a few different things to much on (yup, you can bet we got the fries again). We spent the next couple hours laying out by the pool, were we saw some very interesting people. I have to say some people just don’t care what they look like in a swim suit & others completely forget what one is & let their children run around with out one.

We had a fabulous STAYCATION at Turtle Bay Resort & the trip would not have been possible if it were not for our fabulous spouse. I have her to thank for putting this idea all together. I won’t give her credit for booking the spa days though because if she could have her way she would have punched someone in the face that works there by now. Poor girl got the run around every time she called in so I had to take over, which still wasn’t much better. Theirs services were fantastic but the ones answering the phones & booking appointments LACKED in customer SERVICE.

We’ve already started planning our next over night stay....... some were new, different & it will most definitely be longer & include a massage.

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❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

I have to admit, I'm a little jealous. This looks like so much fun and truly relaxing!! I'm glad you three were able to have a fabulous getaway. Girl time is always a blast!! :)