Sunday, September 4, 2011

KoKo Head Sunrise

Ready or not here we go take 2!!!!!

Ever since I did KoKo Head the first time I've wanted to do it again. Shortly after Gabe got back from his first deployment we hiked up together. I did OK I won't even say good because lord knows I was suckin that day. Not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into we headed up the long trail of stairs that lay in front of us. A few long minutes later and we made it to the top.

This trip up marked Gabes 5th or 6th time, him & his guys have hiked up for off site PT a time or two. The last time he did this a week ago he made it up in 20 minutes with a assault pack on & fully loaded. My 1st time up I had to stop a few times to really catch my breath before I continued going. We did it with out water the first time as well which probably wasn't the smartest idea but hey we survived.

I wanted to hike up and watch the sunrise with my love and we did just that. I only stopped 3 times to catch my breath and it wasn't for more than 30 seconds and I continued on. Gabe was right behind me the whole way pushing me and encouraging me to go and not stop. I think if he would have been in front of me I would have gone alittle slower. We made sure to bring our water with us this time. I wore my hydration pack that I recently purchased, let me tell you that thing is a seriously life saver. I only wish I would have came across it alot sooner.

Watching the sunrise over the ocean was one of the most beautiful moments I've had the chance to see. The peacefulness of it and calm area made for a perfect morning. We weren't the only ones that made the 5am hike up, there was 3 other groups of people up at the top when we got there.

Only taking a total of 26 minutes to make it to the top I was quite impressed with myself. Sure it was over my hubbies last time but only by 6 minutes, not like 10 or 15 minutes. I did so much better this time, all that working out and running has really done some good for me. I was happy with myself being able to do as well as I did and so was the hubbs.

Here we are about to make the lovely journey back down, I had to get one last good look in before we headed down. I mean who knows when I'm gonna be doing that again, it is pretty intense. I have this exact same picture of us from the first time we hiked up before going down so it was only fitting to get that photo opt again.

The beauty of Hawaii Kai and Hanauma Bay lies below us as we stand just over a thousand feet above sea level.

On the way down the first time I sat on my booty & crawled across the bridge. NOT this time, I walked right across taking it slowly one step at a time. Still a bit shaky but I managed just fine. After we passed over this part we were home free and ran the rest of the way down. YUP, you are reading that right with Gabe in front he took off & I had to keep up with him so there I went. There wasn't anyone coming up when we started going up but when we were coming down there were tons of people going up. I was so happy to be going the opposite direction as them, knowing how much further they still had to go was not appealing at all.
It was a fabulous morning finished off with breakfast at the Cream Pot in Waikiki.

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