Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hale'iwa Rainbow Bridge

After our wonderful adventures above water surfing around we were ready to take on anything. Even if that mint from new heights & deeper depths. When we paddled our way back under the Rainbow Bridge headed to return our board we saw a few local boys jumping from the bridge into the water. ummmm......... we though now that would be a blast. Slowly making our way back to the shore line lounging in the water a bit more before returning to the car.
Walking back we saw the group of four guys that help us on the tree swing headed to the bridge and we knew we had to do it. OMG, my heart was racing a million times a minute as we walked closer over to the bridge. We stood around watching each of them jump & then all four of them at one time, before we finally gave in.

Putting our "brave we can do this" face on we marched our booties over to the bridge & climbed up with a little help thanks to Sarah. She couldn't quite get up so she looked at one of the guys standing near us & said "HEY YOU, GET OVER HERE" it was priceless. Before he had a chance to get away I was having him help me up as well. The wall is a bit higher up than it really looks like when your just driving across.
That's when the waiting started.......looking down I really didn't know if I could do this. It seemed like the water was so far away and I was freaked. My heart felt like it was going to beat right out of my chest & I though about just turning around & getting down. That's when Sarah said "if you don't jump & I do I'm gonna be really sad" (I guess she could see the look of fear on my face) gosh right to the heart thank spouse I love you to. I knew then at that moment that I couldn't be the one that CHICKENED out and didn't jump I would regret it forever. The longer I sat there the worse it was gonna be so..........
It seriously seemed like forever before my butt hit the water but once it did it was such a relief, I DID IT!!!!!

We couldn't stop talking about how freaking awesome it was that WE JUMPED OFF THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, we just had to do it one more time. Making our way up sitting there once I knew I could do this, still a bit freaked but I did it once I can do it again. Screaming the whole way down (I didn't scream the first time) holding my nose I sure did get a mouth full of water. We did it again FREAKING FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!
This seriously was the high light of our day, I couldn't think of anyone else I would of wanted to jump with. Today for sure goes on one of the top best days living in Hawaii list.

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