Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Hale'iwa Adventure"

The spouse & I had plans to spend the day down in Haleiwa having some yummy grinds & chilling on the water. We are on a adventure to try anything / everything at least once while living in Hawaii. Who gets this opportunity handed to them.........not everyone so we are taking full advantage of it while we can. So today was a first for the both of us!!!!! On to today's agenda lunch first..........

I have always wanted to stop in and eat at the shrimp trucks that you see around the island but I never have. See I don't like shrimp (or any sea food for that matter) so I have always just drove right buy. I've heard from a few people that some of them have other items on their menu, so today was the day to test the waters & step out of my box. I found a truck that made Kalua Pork Nachos which caused S & I to start drooling they looked so good. Ok we will have one of those please. Now for my main dish.....oh this truck sells BLT's as well. SOLD, I'll have one. S went to another truck to get her food & we met back up at a old colorful wooden picnic table. I was starving & ready to dig in so I quickly opened up my container only to notice I was given the wrong dish. Oh well it wasn't sea food so I was willing to give it a try. Low & behold it was a Malasada Burger a new one for me. I hadn't even heard of these before, Malasadas~ yes they are a sweet sugary or Cinnamon donut like dessert. But putting burger fixings in the middle was new, it was good definitely different but good. I managed to finish pretty much the whole thing before I was stuffed. I can officially say I've had one now & think its a must try for anyone. Like I said it wasn't what I ordered & wouldn't have ordered it on my own but I'm glad I gave it a try.

After lunch we made our way further down the road to a surf shop were we rented two stand up paddle boards. I have always wanted to try this but frankly didn't think I'd be able to stand up for more than 30 seconds. After looking over the boards & noticing how thick and wide they are I had a little bit more hope that I could manage this. We were given a quick lesson on paddling, standing up & were we could & couldn't go. Then we were off on our own with our boards in hand headed down to the water.

I got up on my first try and was good to go......but not long after that I found myself pulling my butt back up on my board. I was trying to take a picture of S behind me STILL trying to stand up and bam there I went right under. I quickly got back up and was on my feet slowly trying to figure out balancing & paddling at the same time. Finally S was able to stand up after some coaching from your truly and she herself went cruising right along. This is were we were headed, under the Rainbow bridge and beyond. From a distance it looks lower to the water than it really is but we were able to stand up and go right under with a slight tilt of the head. Hearing the cars rolling over the bridge as we went under was kinda scaring. Your paddling hoping the bridge doesn't cave in and fall on top of you. lol

We saw four turtles while paddling along the canal and I managed to snap a picture of two. This one was right to my left and came up for air just in the nick of time. After we passed this guy I looked to the right & there was another one swimming right to my surf board. I was freaked just standing there hoping I didn't bump him, then I noticed he swam under my board. Holding my breath trying not to move I was worried the slightest movement to me would cause me to fall right in the water with this guy and I was DIDN'T want that to happen.

Once we reached the third bridge and turned around to head back we decided to rest our feet for a bit. I can stand on my feet all day long and they don't bother me. However standing on a surf board paddling takes a lot more out of you. We enjoyed "laying out" on our boards taking in some rays from the sun shining down above us. The tricky part was standing back up after our feet were all normal and rested again and trying not to fall but we go right up.

On our way back passing under the bridges we passed a tree swing that was off to the side. When we came back there were four guys testing it out and making total goofs of themselves. I was just standing there watching when all of a sudden smack right in water I went. Right in front of Sarah and the four military guys, not one of my more classier moments if I do say so. We decided to give it a shot and made our way up one at a time. I was voted to go first and in doing so fell straight into the tree scraping my legs all up but being the trooper I am I made my way to the top. Slowing walking over to the rope thinking in my head how in the world am I going to do this. Finally I got the courage up to go for it and had a blast, I didn't even scream. My spouse was up next and managed to make her way up the tree & over to the rope a lot better than me. However I think she was a wee bit more nervous than, it took her a minute to figure out were she was going to hold the rope but one she found her footing she was good to go, screaming her way to the water. Right there in front of the 4 guys it was comical we all got a good chuckle out of it. I can't remember the last time I jumped from a tree swing it was so much fun. The guys that helped us up videoed us as well so check out that below!!!

~ here is the swing that we jumped from~

I had so much fun today, I never would have though that stand up paddle boarding was so easy. I mean sure it was a bit of a challenge at first but once we were up and going it was a piece of cake. I've learn so much about myself living in Hawaii, I never would have tried half the things I have done on a normal day living life before the army. I feel like I can take on the world one paddle at a time. I can't wait to go again, maybe next time we will try it more out in the open ocean waters rather than back in a canal area off the North Shore.

~yup this is how its done...thank you~

Now of course a day down on the Shore wouldn't be complete with out some delicious shaved ice. Its such a refreshing treat after hours in the sun. Normally I would go to Matsumoto but the line was crazy retarded long (I mean it always is) and there was hardly a line at all at Aoki's so we decided to go there. I've had shaved ice from here a few times and S has never been to Matsumoto but there is always another day.

mmmmmmm............banana for me please & root beer w/ ice cream for the spouse awh I'm in love!!!!!!! one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!

another fabulous day in paradise w/ one of my most favorite people ever!!!!

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