Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life Lately!!!

Life has just been so busy here lately, well not even that but when I do get some down time to blog it seems as if 20 more things come up that I have to do or take care of. So here's a bit of a recap on what's been going on over the last month. 

*Proudly supporting the Gamecocks as this may be our last Football season in the South. This is officially one of my newest favorite tanks. On my South Car. bucket list is to go to a Game and get my picture taken with Cocky!!! This picture below was taken after I got home from Charleston (see below) and had just run 12 miles across the Cooper River Bridge. I got a tad bit sunburned, plus side of running I can work on my tan loo. 
*My favorite little red head and I had a play date with my bestie Jenna and her little guy the other night at Chick-fil-a. I simple love this girl to pieces, she almost makes me wanna have one of my own. If only I could 100% guarantee I'd have a girl I might not be so hesitant on taking the plunge right now but since that's not possible I think I'm happy just the two of us and pups for a little longer. 

*The hubbs and I went out to dinner for my besties (Jenna again) birthday dinner a week or two ago and I decided to sport my boots with my Garnets and White Dress. Couldn't of been a better evening. 
*Of course you know I've been running my booty off like crazy, with just over a month left to go till my First ever Full Marathon training is in full force. I did a little weekend getaway 2 weeks ago in Charleston to help a friend and her family during her sisters wedding. So before I headed home I decided I'd run the Cooper River Bridge. Not just once but 3 times totally out to be 12 miles. I'm up to 14 miles total for my long run and I'll be pushing that up this coming weekend. This past weekend I ran my first race since the end of June and I finally beat my 10k time which I was so stoked about. This weekend I have a 16 mile run ahead of me, please pray for me if your the praying type.

*Two weeks ago I took off a day and a half early from work to go to Charleston to spend the weekend with these 4 cuties below. One of my mom's sisters was getting married and they had asked me a couple months ago if I would be willing to come down and help with watching all four kids on Thursday afternoon-evening and then all day Friday and help with bringing them to the wedding and then back to the beach house. They paid for my hotel to come down as well as paid me to help with the kids and we got to hang out on the beach on Friday before the wedding and had a wonderful time. Four kids under 5 was def. a handful at times but I was up for the challenge. From running into the ocean with no fear to jumping from one bed to the other and search through 5 bathroom trash cans for toilet paper rolls to make telescopes we had a blast. I'd do it again in a heart beat. Kids say the craziest things and these little guys didn't hold back at all. Do the boys not look adorable in their wedding attire below? 
Just a little recap of what's been going on here. The hubbs is back to work they picked up a new cycle about 4 weeks ago so we are half way through this cycle almost. Graduation day is Halloween which means my race is only a week and a half after that. YIKES!!!!! I still can't believe that next week we will be in October, talk about crazy!!! 


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Boys aren't that bad ;)

That was nice of you to do all that babysitting! Hope your run went well this weekend!

Jamie said...

You look great!

Janna Renee said...

Lots of fun going on and CUTE boots!