Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break in Texas (part-2)

Saturday Morning (day 3 in TX) I did some things around the house for my Mamaw such as dying Easter Eggs. They would have looked cuter but I was on a time crunch because I was meeting my brother and one of our friends for lunch. But for a quick job, I suppose they turned out kinda cute. 
 I met Justin back up in the Highlands for lunch (side note- the Highlands is a fairly new shopping center to Arlington) They have EVERYTHING there, I mean everything. Lots of shopping, eating and even a movie theater. So as you can see its our typical go to place!! We had lunch with our friend Jan at Pluckers Wing Bar, she's Justin's best friends mom and he just so happens to stay with her when he's not out at our river house. I ordered Sweet Tea of course and it came in this GIANT Mason Jar. Justin ordered a beer and it came in a GIANT beer mug that was even bigger than my tea glass. We ended up both purchasing the glasses. I've officially got a new drinking glass for when I go home :) 
After lunch I headed back home to meet up with my Uncle Richard, we went out to Traders Village for a little while. Now if you've ever been to the DFW area you've heard of Traders Village. I haven't been in YEARS and I was looking forward to spending some time with my uncle. Traders Village is a GIANT I'm talking LARGE out door flea market. It's not really the nicest place in the area, I'd never go there alone. I don't know exactly how big it is but it's got to be a good 10+ acres. Neither of us were really looking for anything inparticular (other than some hats, which we found). We pretty much stood out like a sore thumb while we were there if you know what I mean. It does make for some great people watching though. Oh and the kids, everyone has 3-9 kid with them and they have no problem running out in front of you or simply not paying attention to were they are going. None the less we had a good time together. (I failed and didn't take any pictures while we were there.) After that we drove out to Mansfield to check on his truck and then back to the house. It was a fairly relaxing day with family!!!! I did pick up this oh so yummy watermelon while at Traders Village to have for Easter and take to the River with us. I'm a suck for fresh fruit. 

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Janna Renee said...

I love big flea markets!