Friday, March 22, 2013

They Happen in 3's + 1

Ever have one of those week's were you just want to wake up and hope that its all been a dream?????? Yea that was me this past week, it was awful and I never though it would end. It seemed like one thing after another kept going wrong. The bad luck streak was on my side and I still can't figure out why. There was only one more week that stood between me and Spring Break which = going home. I kept thinking I had to make it through another week still. How in the world am I going to make it. 
MONDAY-  Work went ok, the night before my phone was starting to act crazy. Long story short it wouldn't hold a charge. After work I couldn't even get it to turn on so I stopped by the Verizon store on my way home. They pretty much told me the charging input was broke, the insurance I pay for every month doesn't cover it, I'm not up for a upgrade till June (which I knew) and so there for I'd have to buy a new phone of find one to borrow. Awesome, I didn't have time to deal with it at the time I had dinner plans. After dinner I was home, had my phone plugged in charging or at least I though it was bc the charging light was on. Hubs and I are watching the season finally of the Biggest Loser when it starts to down poor and next thing you know BOOM!!!!!! And there went our TV, the lightening shot it AGAIN. Yes, again this happened last July - bad storm blow our TV out. (Yes we have it plugged in to a power surge on a inside wall.) Seriously you have got to be freaking kidding me. With that being our only TV in the house we called it a early night and went to bed. 
TUESDAY-  I was dealing with car issues. Back up about two week's, every so often I've been having to stop and put air in my tire. Ok like every other day almost and it was beginning to be a pain in the butt. On my lunch break Tuesday I decided to take it in to get looked at. While waiting I called our insurance company about the TV, we have a $200 deductible. Ok its not the price of a new TV so it could be worse but still. Come to find out there was a hole in my tire that went all the way through. Meaning it wasn't fixable, well not by a patch or plug any how. But by buying a Brand New Tired. UGH!!!!! Not sure If you remember but I have a 2011 Dodge Challenger with 20in (they are factory, not something I added) wheels. The guy working on my car gave me some prices on two tire bands that would fit my car. The Cheapest one total out the door, install w/ tax was $217.00 the other price which was the Firestone brand I have on there now was $242.00 install w/ tax out the door. YIKES!!!! I've got to talk this over with my husband first I told the guy. Can you at least put the old tire back on there for now. "No Mama, sorry I can not its not safe"ya, that's what I figured. Donut / spare it was. Talk about a heart breaking moment. My baby was looking a little ruff.
After work I checked out a few more  places for tire prices and the cheapest price I found total was $212.00 at Walmart outside Post Gate. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE that Walmart, I almost refuse to go there by myself I hate it that much. Its seriously GHETTO!!!!!! I figure well as long as I just have to drive around to the side go in through the automotive section I should be ok. So I sucked it up and went up there to order the tire bc of course its not something they have in stock. Anther day with the donut. 
WEDNESDAY- On my lunch break again I was headed out to try and figure out this TV issue. I decided to take it back to the same place we had it repaired at last year since they did a good job, quick turn around time and frankly I didn't have the energy to search for some were else. After I got lost trying to find the place, (coming from a different direction than before) almost in tears because I was on a time schedule, no phone (what did people do before cell phones, Tues. I had so much on my mind with the car I didn't even have time to figure out a new phone) or GPS I finally found the place. Paid my $50 deposit, left them the Hub's number since I didn't have a phone and was told we should hear from them the next day. A stop a the Verizon store down the street (a different one this time) was next. I went in explained my issue and the lady so kindly started helping me. She played around with the phone trying to get it to turn on or charge even after I told her it wouldn't. She pulled up our account and said "well it looks like we are going to have to order you another phone since this one isn't working. REALLY SCORE!!!! "But the lady at the other store on Monday said it wasn't covered under the warranty or insurance" I said. She replied with "well your paying for it so it should, let me check with my manager just to make sure" CRAP, Tiffany you should have just kept your mouth shut. She came back didn't say anything, verified my address and number again and confirmed that a new phone would be sent out. HELLO HAPPY DANCE!!!! Me: (trying not to sound pushy) "how long will that take?" Verizon Lady: "you should have it tomorrow afternoon" Continue Happy dance!!!! Me: "Will I need to sign for it?"Verizon Lady: "yes you will bc its coming FedEx" Awesome, no one is going to be home because we work. :( now what. Me: "can I just have it sent here to the store and come pick it up on my lunch or after work tomorrow". Verizon Lady: "Yes" 
So she does whatever it is she needs to do to continue the exchange and I head back to work. After work I go home let the pups out for a bit and then had back out to Walmart to get my tire fixed. I was half way off post when I remembered I never put the tire and wheel back in my car. (we had to take it out to get the TV in there) I was just glad I wasn't already off post. I double checked with the guy fixing my car if my tire could be fix and he confirmed it wasn't. Bummer, ok whatever its gotta get done. 
Thursday- Before I left work I called the Verizon store to see if my phone was in, this would save me a trip after work it if was and a trip down there on my lunch only to find out it wasn't there. The Customer Service rep checked and it wasn't bummer, ok I'll just go after work. I get home and what do you know there is a FedEx sticker on my door. AAAHHHH I was so mad, really how did that get mixed up. It was suppose to go to the store not my house, whatever I'm trying not to complain or get to upset since I'm getting it at no cost. I grab something to eat, let the pups run around while I look up directions to the FedEx store. This way after work I can go there to pick it up. I leave and head over to my friend Sarah's house who lives down the street so I can borrow her phone. We looked the number up bc it wasn't on the sticker only to find out that location is closed on Thursday's. NICE!!!! I called the 1-800 number and the lady told me the package had to be delivered, that the sender didn't want it picked up from a FedEx location. Seriously you have got to be kidding me. She put the request in to have it redelivered and I signed the skip and went back to stick it on my door. I came home after work and nothing. Well hopefully tomorrow I'll have it. This whole, no TV no Cell phone thing is really no fun. 
FRIDAY- I rushed home on my lunch because I had to take the pups to the vet so Bailey could get her eye's rechecked. When I pulled up the FedEx guy was at my house leave the package. YAY!!!!! I have a phone again. We found out last week she has dry eyes and her eye's aren't producing tear's any more. Which is causing her eye's to drain really bad and its pretty ugly. Also there was a ulcer on her right eye so we were having to do meds. We've been having to put artificial drops in her eye's, like people use as well as meds. Doing all 3 two times a day. Let me tell you this pups has got some STRONG eye lids because she sure can clamp them down shut when we try to put in the meds. I was really hoping for some good news at her check up. We've notice a little less draining with the meds but its still there. I'm sure if we were 100% consistent with putting in the drops and meds it would be even better but it seriously takes two people to do it because she is so strong. The Vet did a tear test and she is producing 5 tears a minute which is better than before were she didn't even make it to 5. But normal pups produce about 60-80 tears a minute so we still have a long long way to go. Good news it the ulcer is gone and we can stop with those meds. It just breaks my heart for my baby girl to be in pain. It's so sad because I wish there was more I could do. I rushed them home and headed back to work, I was going to be late and didn't think to tell the office what I was doing before I left in case I was late and I couldn't call because I didn't have a phone. Yay, I had my new one but I had to go get it activated after work. Before I left the house I FBed a co-worker who was on lunch at the same time as me and asked her to tell them what was going on. In hopes she would get it before she got back herself. 10 minutes late I showed up, thankfully she got my message and was able to let them know. Even though it was only 10 minutes and they understood what was going on I still felt awful for being late. All's I could think about was I only had 2 1/2 more hours and then I'd be home free for the weekend. Even though the hubs had to work all weekend and we had no TV I didn't care. I was going to be completely lazy and enjoy it. I didn't even feel like cooking dinner, it was just one of those days. Really it was one of those weeks if you couldn't tell. 
I'm really hoping next week is a better week, I only have to work 3 1/2 days and then I'm on VACAY till April 8th. As much as I'm going to miss my hubs I can not wait to go home!!!!!


Denise said...

Ugh worst week ever! I hope next week is the best week you've ever had to make up for it :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Gah! What a week!!! THat vacation can not come soon enough!

Janna Renee said...

OH BOY that's an intense week! Sorry you had all that go wrong, but I'm happy you got a free phone!!