Thursday, March 21, 2013

St. Patties Day & Easter @ School

Since St. Patrick's Day and Easter are semi close together we decided instead of completely changing out board out half way through the month to put up Easter art we would just make one board into two. It worked out really well and we've been extra busy with art over the last few weeks. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of week one, I remember just as I took the last piece of art work down. 
So skipping on to Week 2 or March-
 Fruit Loop Rainbows- lets just say we wont be doing these again next year. As cute as they are, they were a pain in the booty and talk about messy to. Hand Print Lambs- these turned out super cute and were so adorable. Definitely one of our favorites. 
Week 3 of March-
Hand Print Shamrocks in a Pot of gold. Our original plan was to simply do 4 of their hand prints all on one sheet and have them over lap to look like a shamrock. Well after several attempts it just wasn't working out. So we resorted to 4 single prints, cutting and glueing. which I still think came out pretty well. Chick Feet- these little guy's turned out just darlin. Again another one were the original gave us some trouble but we change it and made it our own.
Week 4 of March-
For the last week of March we decided to to go a little simple with our art work. Foot print Carrots & Foot print Bunnies on the Easter side. They turned out super cute. For the St. Patties day side we were a little less creative as we were running out of ideas. We decided to let the kiddo's have a little fun with some extra construction paper we had laying around and they made Mosaic Rainbows. I have to say it took a little explaining of them for people to understand what it was, they we decided to Write on the "sun's" what it was. I'm glad both of these Holidays are behind us and that we don't have anymore in the future. I can't wait to do just free art and not have a theme to go by or a Holiday. 

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