Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Art Auction

Each year the school I work for does a Spring Art Auction this is the school's spring fundraiser.
 Part of what goes into that is the Children decorate a canvas. Each child has their own and they are to do what they want on it. There is no direction, no theme or story to go by, simply them using their imagination. Its a lot of fun for the older kiddos and seeing the out come. However with the little ones they need a bit more guidance. We wanted them to be a creation all of its self but knew some help was needed. We've been talking about this since the beginning of the year (Jan. 2013, our school year runs just as a public school August- May) and what we wanted to do. I had some what of a idea in my head that we had been talking about. We had been trying to play off that and add to it just a little. Last Friday we got out Canvas's and set on them for the week. Even though the Auction is less than 20 days away and 6 of those day's we will be on bring break we didn't want to rush into it. We wanted to make sure they turned out perfect and we didn't mess up anything. 
Well this morning we decided we would give it a try, "we will start with one", we said and go from there on what we think. One led to Two which led to Three, Four, Five, next thing we knew we had done all eight children that were there for the day. (we had a few out) We were / are very please with the way they turned out. They were completely done by the children as far as the painting goes. So with out further ado here are our Classroom Canvas's for EDS's 2012-2013 Spring Art Auction 


I think they are so cute and I can't wait to see what the parents think of them.
Its going to be hard keeping them a secret from them till April 18th. 
What do you think, did they turn out cute?!?!? or what?!?!
 I do think they look so much better in person, but they are still cute!!!

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