Saturday, March 2, 2013

Color Run!!!!

This morning a few friends and I got together to participate in the Color Run here in the South. There was 6000 other people that had signed up to run it as well. It was crazy crowded, but they had some jammin music playing. It was freezing cold out, but we got the blood flowing by watching every one else act like crazy people while we wait for it to start. 
Jenna and I ready to get our Color on. This was her First 5K. 
"Let's get this party Started "
Who knew the Color Run had a Mascot ?!?!?! 
 Jenna did awesome, during her first race!!!! 
 Motivating Jenna to push and give it all she's got to get through the finish!!! 

 Love these girls!!!!
 Kelly, Jess, Myself and Jenna after we finished the Color Run. It was fun, crazy madness with the amount of people but we had a great time!!!! 
 Miss. Color Run 2013, watch out people I'm running a half next weekend stay outta my way!!!! 
hahahahahah Totally kidding, on the staying outta my way but I am running a half. 
 It really is the Happiest 5K on the Planet along with 6000 other people from SC, I'm pretty sure its the largest race I've ever ran. 

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