Friday, March 8, 2013

Pre-Race Week Instagram Style

My Sweet Girl, enjoying the sun during my afternoon lunch break. She loves loves being outside and would stay out there all day if she could. 
We didn't have plans to run Monday because we just finished our long run the day before. However it was just to pretty outside not to go for a run around post. It was the first time I've ran on post in a good long while. It felt great to get out and go for a run around post but def. not as pretty as the area I've been running it. 
Tuesday the rain held out and we were able to get our run in, last run till Saturday. Its crazy that its right around the corner. What am I going to do when it's over?!?!? I'm already itching to sign up for my next race. 
I've been trying to drink lots and lots more H20 this week in preparation for Saturday. I finally reached 100% on my HydrationCoach water bottle. 70% in one day. 
Working on my fitness, squeezing in one last work out Wednesday night. Strength class at Jamie Scott Fitness, def. my favorite class by far!!!! 
You can never have to many workout / running pants, shorts or shirts. I scored these two pairs of pants at TJ Max Thursday afternoon during a quick shopping trip on my lunch. They are both super soft, comfy and best part I got both pairs for $14.99 each originally $109.99 each. I love TJ Max!!!!! 
Friday I took the afternoon off from work to relax and prep for Saturday morning. Kelly and I met up to head to the Health and Fitness expo that was being held down town. This was included during packet-pick-up. Followed by a Pre-Race lunch at Jason's Deli, I love me a big 'ol salad, yummy!!!!!!
I work with some of the sweetest ladies ever!!! My afternoon Co-worker Alicia gave me a Good Luck card along with this beautiful bracelet before I left work on Friday. How sweet is she, totally love working with her!!!!
I had a special delivery to work from on of my parents / kiddos. A wine themed running gift basket filled with lots of goodies. It was totally unexpected and I love it. I have some of the best parents in my class ever. I'm so blessed to work at such a wonderful school. I love this family so much and both of their little ones!!!! I will definitely miss working at EDS when we move next summer. 
Race bid and Shirt: CHECK!!!! Tomorrow's the big day. Hubbs and I are headed to bed early tonight because I've got a early morning. The shirts are actually really nice and not over sized which is always nice.
I promise after My Half Marathon post from tomorrow you wont have to hear (read) me talk about it again. Well that is until I sign up for another one, which I'm already itching to do. Although that may not be till the fall because the weather is fixing to get really hot here soon.

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Janna Renee said...

You got the sweetest gifts! Seriously, so thoughtful!