Friday, July 3, 2009

What a Fun Filled Day!!!!!!!!

Our first day in Arizona was packed with tons of shopping. We started off at SONIC for breakfast, I had to have my Large Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper w/ easy ice and a Breakfast Toaster Sandwich w/ Bacon, Yummy.

We then made our way to Dick Sporting Store & IKEA. OMG, I just love being back on the mainland. We found a few little things at Ikea to take home with us.

We made our way to Cabela's for a bit of looking around (Gabers is dying for a new gun).
Followed by a stop a Bed Bath & Beyond, another sport store then the Metro Center (the mall) of course. We ended the afternoon at our favorite ghetto Mexican joint for take home lunch. It was so yummy, as always.

After a short nap we headed out for dinner with Gabe's parents and his older brother. Ummmm were else to go but MEXICAN food. So On The Border it was. I LOVE OTB & can't seem to ever get enough of it. It was wonderful just as I remembered. I can't wait to go back in a few days.

Needless to say our stay here on the mainland is going wonderful, you don't realize the thing's you miss the most until they are not there at your every day reach. I can not wait to move back to the mainland. (don't get me wrong I'm loven our life in Hawaii)


Jess said...

lol, we also went to on the border yesterday! There are not too many mexican restaurants in IL and I needed my mexican fix and it is like the only place where my aunt lives! My two favorite mexican restaurants in AZ are top shelf and Julios.

Too bad we couldn't see you...I bet Nichole was so happy! :)

Annie Banannie said...

No trip to the mainland is complete without a few Sonic stops...yummy :) If only Hawaii would get one already!! Ohhh and how I miss Ikea...I can't wait to go in September. Have fun shopping on the mainland chickadee!!