Friday, July 31, 2009

Its way to early......

It's way to early in the morning to be up and about. But I guess that's what happens when you have to overly ecstatic puppies that want to wake up at 6:15am every morning. aaahhhh, when will they learn that it is okay to sleep in for alittle bit. Yesterday was a long day for me between work & my short 30 minute lunch trip home & then a GREAT dinner w/ a dear sweet Annie for some catching up & then back home to watch a bit of TV and off to bed I went. So there for they were in their kennels a bit longer than they normally are. Just as I got good and asleep the Love of my life called. YEAH!!!!!!!!! We were able to talk for a little bit between his acting platoon SGT. coming in tell the guys how their room needed to be for inspection in the AM. OH, if only he was home he wouldn't have to do a stupid room inspection or any of that crap. He was telling me that WLC is like a concentration camp only without the killing. Well that's a damn good thing if you ask me. lol. After chatting a bit more the horrid person came over the intercom telling everyone that it was time for lights out. UGH, this only getting a hour of free time to talk from 10pm-11pm @ night sucks major. Only 11 more days, woohoo.... WE CAN DO THIS.
We said our good nights & back to sleep I went. Only to find that the minute I rolled over it was 6am & Dingo was barking his little head off. OMG, not again I though...oh well might as well get up & let them run their stupid little heads off before I go to work at 10am & I'll make the best of a early morning by doing alittle house work & making a run to the commissary which I dread doing alone. I'm hoping with going bright & early right when they open it wont be to terribly bad but we will see.
TGIF, I am so ready for the weekend. Even though Gabe is gone & I have no big plans other than the beach on Saturday for a bit. I am really looking forward to just lounging around the house and watching movies. :)
Oh, the life of a Army Wife while the husband is away.


Jess said...

Hang in there...11 more days...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Annie Banannie said...

If only we all had the same energy as puppies :)