Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ugh, what a day

It started @ 2:30am this morning rain & all not on a good note either and just went down from there. We got dressed and loaded up the truck to head to the company area. The love of my life & light of my world was going to be going to WLC for the next 2 weeks.
"OMG, what am I going to do."
I ended up waiting there until it was time for him to leave right about 4:00am, boy was I tired but I will do whatever it takes to see him off every time he has to go, so it was well worth it. I quickly headed back home w/ tears in my eyes & a broken heart to get some more sleep. I just wanted to go to sleep & wake up on August 11Th. but that didn't happen. Dingo started his barking at 6:30 this morning & I have to say I let him bark his little head off for about 30 minutes then I couldn't take it any more. Up again it was bright & early when I didn't even have to be @ work till 10:00am. It was still raining so I couldn't just put the dogs out back and go lay on the couch either because they would get all muddy. Man this sucks, it's gonna be a LONG 2 weeks I thought to myself.
I headed off to work but not before stopping for gas since all the stupid pumps at the 2 gas stations on post were not working last night when Gabe & I went to fill up the car. It was still raining and so ugly outside but I could of cared less.
As I was driving to work just thinking about the fact that I was going to come home to just the pups. tonight and for the next 12 nights really sucked. I got all teary eyed & started crying. At work today I was so emotional everything was getting to me and I would just start crying. I know what a baby, but Gabe & I do everything together and so much more. Not having him there really hurts and its hard. We have never lived together for this long (since he has been home from deployment) so having him gone for this amount of time after being so use to him there each and every day is a big adjustment. Even if it is just 2 weeks and he is just right across Wheeler Air Field. Yeah it could be worse and I know this is only the start to many weeks and months of our life in the Army. Its just gonna take some getting use to.
It rained all day today which normally I hate, but I really didn't care. The work part of my day went by pretty quickly & I ended up getting off about 30 minutes early so I headed down to Kunia to tan & treated myself to Wendy's for dinner.
On the way home I rolled down the windows & opened the sun roof & jammed all the way home with the radio so loud. It has the most amazing sounds system in it that's just rockin. I think on Sunday I might take a cruse around the Island & do just the same. I love our new car so stinkin much I just wish that Gabe was here with me right now to enjoy it as well. (but when he gets back we sure will be ridin in style. :)
I'm going to end the night watching After the Final Rose then off to bed I go hoping that tomorrow fly's by just as fast as today did and if it rains all day again I wouldn't care. Heck it can rain for the next 13 days if it helps the time go by fast. 1 day down and 13 more to go......


Jess said...

AWE, hang in there babe! He will be home soon (I know it feels like forever)!


Jess said...

I forgot to add...

BIG HUGS!!! :)

Annie Banannie said...

The first day they leave is always the worst :( Hang in there chickadee...see ya Thursday :)