Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sweet, Sweeter & Sweetness

We woke up with a plan, we were going to clean my car up and head to the dealership with our Internet print out of the car $2000.00 cheaper to see what kinda deal we could come up with. We had no intentions of buying a new car before last night, but now that we have found something that we both like and are super excited about we couldn't let this pass us up. It had everything I was looking for in my next car. A sunroof, keyless start (you don't even have to put the key in the ignition to drive), black interior, the sporty look, "speed" and so much more.
When we got there we looked the car over one more time to make sure we were still SURE it was what we wanted to do and it was. Now time to get down to business.
Last night they quoted us $500.00 for a site unseen appraisal for my car. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME I THOUGH??????" I know my car is not worth much but really its worth more than that and I just put bran spankin new tires on it.
So they had a relook today and offered us $2500.00 ok ok we can live with that. Now time for Gabe to do his magic. This man is a wheel and dealer when it comes to buying cars. After their first offer,Gabe pulls out the print out from online and springs a surprise on the salesman. Man you can tell he didn't see that one coming. I almost felt kinda bad as he walked back to his manager to try and come up with a better deal. We had our standards that we were not going to move on and they new that. We were firm and weren't moving!
After going back and forth for about a hour they finally were down on the numbers and payment were we wanted and we HAD A DEAL!!!!!!
Thanks to my amazing husband and the car dealer guys for working with us.
As we waited to go through the financing process we went out so "say our GOODBYES" to the Black & Pink Ride. Gabe was not so sad to see it go, but myself on the other had was alittle butt hurt, but ITS OK I THOUGHT because we are moving on to bigger (size wise its much smaller but you get me) and better things.


I am so excited about OUR NEW 2007 Mazda RX-8. I couldn't be happier.


Life with My Love just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.....its super sweetness and we are liven it up to the fullest.


Annie Banannie said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with being a smart shopper :) Glad you got a great turning into a speed demon in your hot rod though...hehe ;) vroom! vroom!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Speed demon me no, but Gabe OMG, you should of seen him when we took it up to KoleKole, you know that twisty turny road he was having a blast. I had to remind him we were on post and the speed limit was like 20 something lol.

Nichole said...

That car is SO cute! LOVE IT! Congrats!

NeNe said...

What a pretty car. It looks as if it is a sports car, know you will love driving really is pretty, enjoy! Love NeNe

Dianah said...

Sweet ride!!! Debbie has an RX-8 six speed and she loves it. Just don't forget to STOP before turning right on red!!