Thursday, July 16, 2009

LoNeLy NiGhT's

After a long day at work I came home to a empty house.....:(, My Love has CQ tonight. And well not that its like he is gone for a month or more but aaahhhh, a night alone is horrible.
It couldn't of come at a worse time either. I have to have Dingo at the vet first thing bright & early in the morning @ 7:00am. No, problem you say the vet is right across post. WRONG, he is having surgery to get FIXED, tomorrow so we (I) are taking him to a vet in Hawaii Kai, almost 45minutes away. With rush hour traffic I am going to have to get up around 4:45am to leave by 5:30 so I can be there at 7:00am when they open so I can make it back to work by 8:00am to work my 8:00am-5:00pm shift. BLAH, that is going to just suck, but I gotta do it. The sad part is we wont know till 6pm Thursday night (tomorrow) if he will be able to come home that night or the next morning.
After getting my running around done this evening I ran home showered, changed & went to pick up dinner for Gabe, his request was Taco Bell & of course a Rock Star. Whatever he wants he gets :) he is so spoiled and I JUST LOVE LOVE doing it. :) He deserves nothing but the best and that's what I will make sure he has.
He truly is my knight in shining armor, the joy of my life and the apple of my eye. I couldn't imagine our life with out each other and I'm so grateful that I never will. Meeting Gabe and getting married to him is the best thing that has ever happen to me (really to either of us). He makes me smile and keeps me going each and every day. & SO SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate nights with out him, this will only be our 2ND night apart since he has been home and I am going crazy. I know I know, its the Army life and we are going to be spending many nights apart in the future I just hate it. Prior to the deployment we only spent a few weeks at a time together and lived in different states. It was hard don't get me wrong but now that we are LIVING TOGETHER & do EVERY THING TOGETHER, GOING EVERY WERE TOGETHER being away from him for any amount of time (outside of us at wrk) is KILLER. I hate it with every ounce of my body.
Oh the plus side he has Thursday & Friday off work so it will be a nice 3 day weekend together. I think we are going to take the truck & go do some four wheeling. :)
Off to bed I go 4:00am is going to be here before I know it. aaaaahhhhh


Jess said...

I'm sorry you are apart sweetie! I love what he does but hate that it takes him away from you! I don't know if I could do it!

I hope you guys have a great 3 day weekend together!

Nichole said...

So sorry you had to spend the evening alone! I know how much I hate it when Pace works out of town! Enjoy your weekend and make sure you post some pics of 4-wheeling!

Jess said...